Jessica Won A Major 'Big Brother' Advantage

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Unfortunately for Jessica, she has been on the outs with the whole Big Brother cast thanks to her showmance partner Cody ruffling a lot of feathers. So it really wasn't surprising that she was put on the block after he was eliminated. But, now things are looking up for her, because Jessica won Big Brother's Halting Hex. This came just in the nick of time because the temptation allows her to stop an eviction before the voting begins.

The hex can be used for one of the next four evictions, and it would have been logical for Jessica to use it on Thursday since she was sitting on the block. But, with a lot of people infuriated with Dominique, Jessica took a chance and let the voting commence. She didn't let anyone know that she received the temptation — let alone what it is — but she definitely lucked out since Dominique was evicted in a total landslide. Jessica didn't get a single vote for eviction.

Since Jessica's only (sort of) friend in the house is Jason, Jessica could really use this Halting Hex since it's pretty likely that she will be nominated in one of the coming weeks. For her sake, let's hope that Jessica keeps her temptation a secret so she can utilize it to her full advantage and save herself or one of her allies from getting evicted from the house.

Since it's most likely Cody that will be returning to the house in the battle back — because, like, look at his competition — Jessica obtaining this hex is a total game changer. She has the temptation upper hand and could soon have her showmance back. Everything's coming up roses for Jody.