Jessica Has A Family Member To Thank For Her Place On 'BB19'

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jessica's journey on Big Brother 19 has seen her going from the top of the house to the bottom and back to the top again. Her roller coaster ride of a game has already made her a memorable houseguest, but Jessica's latest victory holds a special significance for her. After almost getting evicted, she not only had the pleasure of seeing her showmance partner Cody return to the house, but won HOH on the anniversary of her father's death. The death of Big Brother 19 houseguest Jessica's father has lingered over her for the entire game because he's the reason she wanted to be on the show in the first place.

Jessica didn't open up on the show about how her father passed, but does explain that watching Big Brother was a shared experience for the two. Winning the HoH competition on this anniversary is quite the coincidence, but it carries a symbolism that is usually foreign to Big Brother. If Jessica hadn't won this Head of Household, she'd probably be seeing her or her showmance Cody get sent out the door. Now, on the third anniversary of her father's death, she won a competition that has guaranteed her safety in the house for another week. That could be long enough to help her turn the house around and win the entire competition.

While enjoying her HOH room, Jessica told Cody that her father "never thought he'd be on Big Brother," adding, "He is now." For someone who seemed to mostly be playing for her showmance, this victory is a great reminder to viewers that Jessica is fighting for more than just Cody. Jessica is playing in memory of and in tribute to her father, who would've been watching her at home if he was alive today. Even if she doesn't win, there's no denying her father would've been proud to see Jessica climb back to the top of house.