Jessica Simpson Just Flaunted Her Leg Hair On Instagram

by James Hale
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2015 may have been the year the body positive movement "went mainstream," but there are still plenty of facets of the movement that aren't accepted by mainstream folks. One of those is the presence of so-called "unwanted" hair on women — which is why Jessica Simpson flaunting her leg hair on Instagram is important.

Body positivity is often centered around plus size positivity, but there are other aspects of the movement that are less talked about. The movement toward helping trans folks love their bodies no matter what amount of medical transition they do or don't want, for example. Or the practice of women not only growing, but flaunting their armpit, nipple, facial, and leg hair. Because hair grows in those places, and it's totally natural, yet it's still controversial when women, especially celebs, reveal the fact that they didn't shave or wax themselves perfectly smooth.

Simpson posted her snap on July 29 — a photo of one leg crossed over the other, with a sunlight-backlit patch of long hair rising above shorter hairs. "Missed a spot..." she captioned the pic. Even this relatively small contribution to normalizing hair on women's bodies is significant; women are taught that missing spots is shameful, let alone deciding not to shave at all. But Simpson's decision to post a photo that spotlights the presence of hair is an act of pride, and one that's totally necessary.

Simpson isn't the first celeb to show off her body hair. Let's take a look at some other lady celebrities who have contributed to the cause.

1. Bella Thorne


Thorne's Snap, posted in June, shows off a lot of leg hair. By which we mean she shows off the totally normal amount of leg hair women usually have.

2. Harnaam Kaur

Kaur doesn't show off her leg hair — she shows off her facial hair. She didn't always embrace it. In fact, she told People, "I started to wax my facial hair, tweeze it off, thread it off [...] I shaved every day and I even used hair removing creams. My skin became very rough, I was left with scabs, and parts of my skin were torn off when I was waxing." But now Kaur, who's a model and activist, wears her rockin' beard with pride, and has an Instagram full of pics to prove it.

3. Miley Cyrus

While Cyrus has run into a lot of the same problems many white feminists do, her bopo rainbow armpit dye was definitely inspirational. And, of course, dyeing your 'pit hair became a trend, with plenty of ladies hopping on board to not just leave their underarm hair, not just show it off, but actually draw attention to it by dyeing it various fabulous colors.

Hopefully more and more women, celebs and civilians alike, will embrace a life with body hair. While it's completely up to each individual person to decide whether or not to shave, wax, or go au naturel, sometimes it can be difficult to even realize that leaving your hair to grow is even an option. But it totally is an option — and, as these women prove, it's a beautiful one.