JJD Has Exciting Plans For Her Kittenish Line

by Augusta Statz

A temporary Kittenish pop-up location opened in Brooklyn on Feb. 10, and this was a first (of hopefully many) for the brand. But, according to the designer herself, the fun won't stop there. A lot of new developments are in the works for this brand. Jessie James Decker plans to extend her Kittenish line to include swimwear and additional sizes in order to keep her current fans extremely happy and likely gain some new devotees along the way.

Visitors to the shop had access to the brand new additions to the collection before anyone else. “I want to be able to be really up close and personal with my fans,” Decker says in an in-store interview with Bustle. “I felt like it’d be really cool and special to do something like throw a little party where they can come and have a chance to buy the clothes before anyone else does.”

Unfortunately, the Brooklyn shop closed shortly after this interview but based on the brand’s Instagram, more locations could be opening up in the future. If you missed the IRL experience, the latest items are now available to shop on the Kittenish website. This release features everything from fancy AF dresses to cute, comfy tees. Because it just wouldn’t be Kittenish if there wasn’t a mix of both.

While Decker was wearing a the line’s plum suede dress when we chatted together, she's normally gravitates towards the comfy clothes in her collection, such as leggings and tees. “If I had to choose [a favorite piece in the range], as silly as this sounds, it’d be the Kittenish T-shirt. It’s just comfortable, and I live in T-shirts. So, that’s just my style," she says.

Decker notes that when it comes to her fashion and beauty philosophy, comfort is really the key. "I just love anything and everything that makes you feel comfortable, but isn't out of your comfort zone," she says. "I'm a creature of comfort, and I feel like most girls are that way, you know?"

Speaking on the influences behind her collection, she says, "Because I am from the South, it's just so natural that everything I touch is going to have that influence. I think it makes [Kittenish] different and sets it apart from other clothing lines. It always has the floral prints or some sort of denim or flannel because that is what I grew up wearing."

When it comes to her fashion label and even her beauty products, Decker really is the queen of delivering what her fans want to see. On top of the affordable prices and high quality of her pieces, she's also striving to expand the sizes of her range. Kittenish currently sells XS-XXL and some petite items. "We will continue to evolve and have more petite and more plus size as well," she says.

Decker says that the first Kittenish swim products will become available in April, and that's definitely worth getting excited about. Decker's only teased a couple of items, but I can already tell I'm going to love everything it has to offer.

"The suits are stunning. I am over the moon about those," said Decker. "The quality is unbelievable because I hate cheap swimsuits and so we were really particular about the quality and keeping the price down."

So, affordable clothing, new swimwear, extended sizing and perhaps even more pop-up shops are coming your way in the future. If you weren't already a huge Kittenish fan — you certainly will be. Check out the latest collection online now.