You Won’t Be Able To Get This Video Of Jim Carrey Painting Out Of Your Head

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Mask. Dumb and Dumber. Ace Ventura. These are only a few of Jim Carrey's famous comedies that have defined his career. However, the actor is so much more than that. In his 2017 mini-documentary, Jim Carrey: I Needed Color, which was released on Aug. 8, Jim Carrey shows off his painting skills. He is a true painter and his artistry is impressive.

You may think you know somebody, even a celebrity because of what you see of them in movies, on TV, in interviews, or on social media, but as Carrey showcases in this six-minute short, no one really knows someone completely. It may come as a huge surprise to some that the 55-year-old has talent as a painter. In addition to his painting skills, Carrey makes some profound statements when discussing his work.

"What you do in life chooses you," he says in the doc. "You can choose not to do it. You can choose to try to do something safer. Your vocation chooses you." That's what seems to have happened here, once the Golden Globe winner looked to painting after suffering heartache. "I sketched all the time, but I didn't do a lot of painting," he explains. "Suddenly, six years ago at a time when I was trying to heal a broken heart [he and Jenny McCarthy split in 2010 after five years of dating, though it's unclear if that's what caused his "broken heart"], I decided, well, maybe, I'll paint."

As you can see in the video below, Carrey paints with a lot of color. "I found myself looking around at one point in a really bleak winter in New York and it was just so depressing, and I think I needed color," he says. His work is quite stunning and something the actor is very passionate about. "I don't know what painting teaches me, I just know that it frees me," Carrey notes. "Free from the future, free from the past, free from regret, free from worry."

Carrey's love of art isn't something new, as he held an art exhibit in 2012, Jim Carrey: Nothing to See Here, where he put his pieces on display. Whether he's acting or painting, there's no doubt Carrey is a diverse artist.

It seems to have overtaken his life and his home. "When I really started painting a lot I had become so obsessed that there was nowhere to move in my home, paintings were everywhere." He adds, "They were becoming a part of the furniture, I was eating on them."

Carrey is more than the goofball he comes off as in many of his films. It's clear that, like being able to make people laugh, painting is meaningful to him. "The bottom line with all of this, whether it's performance or it's art or it's sculpture, is love," he says in the documentary. "We want to show ourselves and have that be accepted. I love being alive and the art is the evidence of that."

To see more of Carrey's art, you can check out his paintings at Signature Galleries.