JKR Would Love If You Didn't Post About Her Death

Rob Stothard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hey, Potterheads, listen up. I know you're probably not engaging in the kind of vitriolic, digital harassment that has become synonymous with Twitter, but if you could nonetheless take a look at your own Tweeting habits and stop tagging J.K. Rowling in your plans for her funeral, that would be great.

But no, seriously, J.K. is getting really annoyed. Understandably. Because it's super weird to talk to someone about their own funeral. Especially when it's someone you do not actually know.

In the latest bizarre internet meme (though, to be fair, are there any "normal" ones?), fans of the Harry Potter series have been tagging author J.K. Rowling in Tweets outlining what it will be like when she passes away. The most popular variation, which Rowling herself Tweeted on Feb. 7, states, "One day in the middle of my life, the headlines will read 'J.K. Rowling Died Today.' My children won't fully understand why I left the room crying, or why I picked up a book titled, 'Harry Potter.' Millions will pull out old toy wands. Cloaks and round rimmed glasses will be dusted off. Wands lit, they will take to the streets, holding them high. From speakers and phones, 'Hedwig's theme.' Hogwarts will come back to life as a new generation is introduced to 'The Boy Who Lived.'"

Without even addressing this very detailed imagining of Rowling's death, that this meme suggests Harry Potter is on the path to becoming obsolete to future generations is, frankly, a little silly. I work in a bookstore. I can attest to the fact that sensitive tweensters continue to worship "The Boy Who Lived."

So, uh, yeah, understandably, Rowling was a bit unsettled. Especially when, despite her requests, people continued to badger her.

And pester her.

(Her response to this Scottish journalist, by the way, was "You're alright, David, I know what happened. I was there.")

And generally be annoying.

So, fam, let's lay off. Or, at least, lay off trying to clue J.K. Rowling into your plans for her death. Be chill.