This New Jo Malone Product Lets You Combine 2 Perfumes & My Mind Is Blown

Jo Malone London

I, like many others, am on a constant search to find "the one." No, I'm not talking about finding the perfect partner, I'm talking about finding the perfect perfume. While there are a bunch of perfumes I truly love (Chanel Beige, Le Labo Santal 33, and Glossier You, for example), I have to admit, I'm not particularly loyal when it comes to fragrance, and I'm always open to finding one I'll love just a little bit more than the last. The great news is that Jo Malone London's new solid fragrance palette is making your search for a unique scent that much easier.

Later this month, the brand is set to release a series of solid fragrances that are designed to be used in their all-new fragrance-combining palette. Known for being pioneers in fragrance combining, Jo Malone's new solid offerings will come in ten of their most beloved scents, including those from their core line and their Cologne Intense collection. These are:

  • Lime Basil & Mandarin
  • Basil & Neroli
  • Pomegranate Noir
  • English Pear & Freesia
  • Blackberry & Bay
  • Nectarine Blossom & Honey
  • Peony & Blush Suede
  • Mimosa & Cardamom
  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt
  • Oud & Bergamot

Each of the solid colognes comes in at £14 and the Cologne Intense scents are priced at £16, while the palette is £24. The perfumes are made with pure beeswax, and are super soft and have buttery texture when applied to skin.

While the initial benefits of carrying your fragrances this way are obvious (think travelling through security without a liquid perfume, and never being worried about leakage ever again — literally the dream), this handy little palette could also be the key to finding your very own unique fragrance.

Coming with spaces for two solid scents, the palette is great for allowing you to experiment with fragrance combining to find a new favourite. Mixing and layering can result in a delicious new combo that is likely to be far more unique than a single scent. So what exactly is fragrance layering and how do you do it?

"Quite simply, Fragrance Combining is the process of layering two scents," explains Jo Malone London. "For example, wearing two different Colognes together, or layering a Cologne over a Body Crème. It could also mean lighting two candles in complementary scents to create a particular fragrance for a room or space. [You can] layer your scents to tailor them to a particular mood, occasion, location, or even day of the week."

My favourite combination from the brand is Wood Sage & Sea Salt with Nectarine Blossom & Honey, which creates a super unique, warm yet refreshing flavour. I do this either by sprizting a little of both colognes onto my wrists and neck, or using a body lotion in one fragrance and it layering with a cologne in the other. I'm super excited to now be able to layer with solid perfumes, too.

If you want to give fragrance combining a go, I would recommend starting by layering your two favourites (from any brand) to see how they work together. Then, you can try adding something citrusy to a woody scent to add an extra zest, or a floral to an oud for an oddly satisfying mismatch. It can be really fun, and it's all about experimenting to discover a new smell you love.