Why Jockey's New Nude Underwear Line Is A Step In The Right Direction

by Eliza Florendo

Earlier this year in March, Target expanded its nude collection, including a wider range of shades for a more inclusive definition of "nude." Other companies seem to be following suit, including Jockey's Seamfree Air True To You Shades collection, which comes in five different nude shades.

Called Seamfree Air True To You Shades, the line of underwear (and one bralette) includes a thong, bikini, brief, hi-cut brief, and hipster options. Not only does the nude collection comes in five different shades, but they also feel like heaven, due to its light-as-air fabric. Exclusively at Macy's, you can buy each pair of underwear for $13 each, or three for $33. The bralette is sold separately, at $25.

Thanks to Jockey's new line and other designers' commitments, the industry is definitely moving in the right direction — though there's still a long way to go. For most of childhood, if you picked out a "nude" crayon out of the perfectly organized Crayola box, you'd find a pale, tan color that most people used to color in legs, arms, faces, hands — you name it. Nude had only one option.


Thanks to an awakening of some brands — whether that's beauty or fashion — the definition of "nude" isn't tied to just one specific skin tone.

Back in January, shoe brand Kahmune came out with a nude shoe line with 10 different shades. And in 2016, Surratt Beauty introduced the Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand, which came in a whopping 15 different shades. When January 2017 came, Dior added even more shades to its Diorskin Forever Foundation, making for 24 total shades, including three different shades of almond and a "deepened beige called Praline," according to The New York Times.

Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand, $65, Sephora; Diorskin Forever Foundation, $50, Macys

Here's a peek at what Jockey's new nude underwear collection looks like.


Air Seamless Bralette, $25, Macys

The back view of this bralette shows a super comfy, yet functional everyday bra option.


Air Seamless Thong, $13, Macys

Comfort always comes first.


Air Seamless Bikini, $13, Macys

These seamless edges are so clutch.


Air Seamless Modern Brief, $13, Macys

Say goodbye to panty lines.

Air Seamless Hi-Cut Brief, $13, Macys

So. Much. Support.


Air Seamless Hipster, $13, Macys

The more consumers speak up about their wants and needs, the more likely brands are going to follow them. While there are definitely more than five, 10, or even 15 shades of nude, this is an improvement to the traditional definition of a "nude" color. Slowly but surely, the industry will (hopefully) follow.