What Your Underwear Choice Says About You

It may usually be hidden from the world, but your choice of underwear can still say a lot about you. Most of us can agree that our outward appearances (what we wear and how we do our hair and makeup) reflect how we are choosing to present ourselves. But I personally think that the things we keep concealed can be even more revealing of our identities. Whether your preference is boyshorts or granny panties, a lot can be deduced about you based on the undies you wear.

Just think about it. Your underwear preference is completely personal. While we may be skewed by trends in our everyday dress, our underwear choices usually remain constant. And unless you're going commando on the reg, your knickers are likely the first thing you put on every single day.

So sure, your undies are hidden beneath layers of clothes, and they'll probably always stay that way (unless we all start dressing like superheroes). But because they're our personal decision, and only those we trust enough to show our almost-naked bods will ever see them, undies are undoubtedly telling about the person wearing them. Without further adieu, here's what your underwear choice says about you.

1. Briefs

Calvin Klein Brief , $15,

If you wear briefs, you're likely not a huge fan of change. Why fix something when it's not broken, right? You enjoy the classic things in life, like black coffee and movies from the '60s. Briefs give you that comfort and stability you need under your clothes and in your life.

2. Hipster

Barbara Imperiale Tulip Red, $68, amazon .com

You're a creature of comfort, and enjoy all things cozy. Which is why a few of your favorite wardrobe pieces are Ugg boots, sweatpants, toe socks, and, of course, hipster panties. Your idea of a perfect Saturday night involves watching Pretty Little Liars on your DVR and sipping hot chocolate.

3. Granny Panties

Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Brief Panty, $8, amazon .com

You're a true old soul. You're not trying to be ironic or trendy; you just genuinely like wearing these. Your aesthetic is best described as '50s-inspired, and the only proper way to rock puffy, satin dresses and super high-waisted pants is with granny panties underneath. Like old-school record players and floral wallpaper, you never turn your nose up at a good classic.

4. Boyshorts

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Boyshort, $29, amazon .com

If you had to describe yourself in one word, it would probably be "tomboy." You're not too concerned with push-up bras or embellished panties, because you're much more focused on the lineup for your fantasy football league. You like the boyshort because its full-coverage silhouette saves your thighs from burns against the bike when you're at your weekly spin class. Plus, they act as pajama shorts, so there's no need to change into PJ bottoms come the end of the day.

5. G-String

La Perla Sexy Town Mesh G-String, $38, amazon .com

You're definitely the class clown of your friend group. You're the one to crack a joke and lighten the mood in an awkward moment, and your "that's what she said" jokes in group chats always result in the most laugh-cry emojis. You like underwear that's unfussy and simple, and the thin straps of the G-string are just that. Plus, their sleek design doesn't create any crinkle or bunching when you're doing what's really important to you: Discovering the latest share-worthy animal video on YouTube.

6. V-String

V-string Panty, $11, amazon .com

Your friends describe you as a fashionista, because there's no trend you don't like. You read blogs and magazines religiously, studying the latest "it" items and looks. This is equally true when it comes to your undies. G-strings are so last season, so you now exclusively wear V-strings because they make you feel like Rihanna. Plus, who needs more than a patch of fabric for their underwear, anyway?

7. Classic Bikini

DKNY Downtown Cotton Bikini, $12,

You're a child of the sun. You gain energy from being outdoors and soaking up the rays, which is exactly why summer is your fave. But when it's dreary and cold outside, your bikini underwear reminds you of happier times. Thankfully, you're also patient, so you count down the months until summer arrives without much fuss.

8. Seamless

Revolution Seamless Briefs, $6, amazon .com

You are a go-getter. You're determined in everything that you do, from your career to making sure you have no panty lines. This is exactly why seamless, no-show panties are your go-to. Your schedule is jam-packed with meetings, rendezvous, and important events, and you have no time to worry about whether your undies are visible beneath your fitted black pencil skirt. Whether it's a no-show brief or a seamless thong, all that matters is that your knickers are completely invisible to the naked eye.

9. Boxers

Jockey Sweet Mornings Ruffle Plaid Boxer, $25, amazon .com

Frankly, you do whatever you want. You're beyond confident in the human you are, and headstrong and persistent in your beliefs. So you don't need society to tell you what kind of undies you should wear. Going against the grain is your main motto in life, and your loose, baggy boxers help you keep to it.

10. Thong

Signature Lace Low Rise Thong, $20, amazon .com

You're the most organized person you know. Everything has its place, and that's where you like it. You have no tolerance for the dirty, messy, or frivolous, which is why your would rather wear thongs. They're sleek and they're not messing around. Wearing a thong gives you the foundation to focus on being productive and accomplished with your busy days.

11. Thong With Garter Belt

ASOS Extreme Elastic Suspender, $25,

Maidenform Devotion Thong, $6,

You could wear a full lingerie getup every day and love each moment of it. But even if you skip the fancy bra, you'll pull on your garter belt and thong every morning without fail, because the look personifies your alluring, sexy attitude. You love the confident, body-positive feeling these babies give you, and consider the combo a staple. You're also convinced that your Victoria's Secret Angel wings got lost in the mail.

12. Bodysuit

Bodysuit, $31,

You're a no-muss, no-fuss kind of person. That's why you skip a bra and panties altogether, and just reach for basic bodysuits on a day-to-day basis. Unlike most underwear, bodysuits can totally be worn in public, and you're always looking for a way to flaunt your one-piece knickers. That's just the lazy-yet-chic kind of gal you are. You enjoy the simple things in life, and if that means taking off all your clothes to pee, then so be it.

13. Commando

And then there are those of you who would prefer not to wear any underwear at all. You free spirits, you. You don't want to be restricted to one piece of clothing every day, and feel most comfortable in what you were born with. You consider yourself a child of nature, and you try to live as naturally and unplugged as possible. That likely means oil cleansing, DIY-ing your own makeup, and not wearing underwear so there's one less thing to worry about.

So the next time you slip into your fave undies, don't forget that your choice says more about you than you might think.

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