Joe Biden Met A Puppy Named Biden & The Photos Will Make Your Heart Melt

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It has been more than two months since Vice President Joe Biden left the White House, but on Wednesday, the lovable veep caused quite a stir outside the Capitol. On the steps of Capitol Hill, Biden met a puppy also named Biden, making for an impossibly cute photo opp. Regardless of your political leanings, the photos of Wednesday's Biden-filled encounter will give you all the feels.

According to The Huffington Post, the human Biden was on Capitol Hill to mark the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. The future of the Obama administration's signature healthcare policy doesn't look pretty, as Republicans have worked to dismantle the system since President Trump's inauguration. But as ugly as the fighting inside the Capitol may be, the greeting that former Vice President Biden received outside was entirely adorable.

As you'd expect, Biden the pup was reportedly named for Biden the veep. The cute puppy has more than 4,000 followers on Instagram, and by the looks of it, he leads a very presidential life, exploring all of D.C.'s political powerhouses and having his lifestyle chronicled for the public to see. (He's @bidenthegolden in case you were wondering.) Biden the Golden's latest adventure — meeting his namesake — appeared to go over pretty well.


Leaving Caps Lock on is acceptable — nay, necessary — at a time like this.


Seriously, though, can someone start a petition to make Biden and Biden meet again?

Here We Are

The Bidens knew you needed this to happen. They just knew.

Exactly What America Needs

Americans have found their new mascot.

Biden's Reaction

The face you make when you meet a gorgeous puppy named after you...

News Alert

Biden got the best kind of news, if you ask me.

Man's Best Friend

Both Bidens made a new friend on Wednesday.

Good Boy

Puppy Biden even got a good face-lick in with the former veep.

The Reason

Good things come to those who share cute puppy photos.

All Of The Cuteness

Literally, all of it.

Partisanship Aside

That's the kind of message America needs.

Biden The Joe

How many times can I use the heart-eyes emoji before it gets excessive?

Things Were Okay

It has been a long two months, but this helps.

The Entire World Stopped

It was an important moment.

Pupper Biden 2020

Admit it, you'd vote for Biden-Biden 2020.

Okay, Biden-Biden 2020 may be a stretch. But the fluffy encounter outside the Capitol on Wednesday is a timely reminder that there's more to life than partisan fighting. Stay golden, pupper. Stay smiling, Biden.