Joe Biden's Favorite Obama-Biden Meme Will Make You Miss Them So, So Much

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Now that the Obama administration has officially left the building, there's even more reason to look back at memes from the storied Barack Obama/Joe Biden bromance and sigh while wistfully remembering when the White House was inhabited by such wonderful people. Apparently, those memes have a famous fan — Biden's daughter Ashley revealed that not only did her father love that he and Obama became memes, but also that he had one that he loved the most. Biden's favorite meme of himself and Obama is poignant reminder of what once was, and yet another example of why Biden was clearly memer-in-chief in the White House.

In an interview with Moneyish, Ashley Biden told the interviewer that her vice presidential father "sat there for an hour and laughed" when she showed him memes of his "bromance" with Obama. But there was one that Biden loved more than any other — one of a speculative conversation between the president and his right-hand man embracing (with Jill Biden and Michelle Obama in the background, also embracing), with a caption that saw Biden once again trying to get Obama to leave his wife for him. Obama, who clearly loves his wife, declines Biden's advances, despite the vice president's insistence that it felt "right".

Written by comedian and popular Twitter user Dillon Stevenson, the tweet perfectly encapsulates the hilarious nature of the Obama-Biden bromance memes, which reached their apex during and shortly after the 2016 election. Stevenson's meme and the many others like it initially served as a celebration of the popular public friendship at the helm of the Obama administration, but since Donald Trump's shocking win, they also acted as a sort of foil to the uncertainty and fear that characterized the period between the election and the inauguration.

There are obviously tons of striking differences between the Obama and Trump administrations, but these memes are better at highlighting the millennial reception of them. This massive shift in perception became even more apparent as the first memes of President Trump began to go viral — rather than celebrating his presidency, these memers are adept at making fun of Trump.

Gone are the days of images of Obama and Biden hugging with cutesy captions attached — we are now firmly in an era of memes that seek to take back a bit of power from the president so many oppose. There are, of course, pro-Trump memers out there, but their memes have much more of an angry edge than the happy-go-lucky Obama-Biden memes of yore.

Biden, whose next moves include a professorial stint at the University of Pennsylvania and continuing his work to end rape culture, represents so many things our new administration apparently lacks — a sense of humor and playfulness paired with a staunch dedication to doing the right thing.

Biden's absence from the White House is already felt strongly, and finding out his favorite bromance meme is so bittersweet because of it.