The 15 Best Obama And Biden Memes About Trump

Since the election results last Tuesday, there have been tears, protests, and important reproductive rights discussions. After a campaign season in which President-elect Donald Trump insulted 282 people, places, and organizations and offended many minorities, it's not hard to see why people are so upset. Groups of people have been directly targeted and threatened by his policies, and I know I'm not alone in feeling sad, fearful, and angry with the very real consequences of his words.

To help recover from the shocking electoral college win, Vice President Joe Biden pranking Trump memes emerged and they're what's getting a lot of us through the post-election stress. With eight years under their belts, the duo of Biden and President Barack Obama has had countless photos taken of them licking ice cream cones and having stern discussions. Throw in a healthy dose of millennial infatuation with nostalgia, and you end up with hilarious memes that are helping us all cope with the ending of the Obama-Biden legacy as we enter four years of Trump. While Obama is acting as the voice of reason, trying to be as poised and respectful as possible to the president-elect, Biden is (as usual) telling it like it is in these memes — pointing, laughing, and planning booby traps for the next era.

While millennials plan and work towards a better America, taking a breather from any stress and dissatisfaction is important. Thanks to Twitter and meme-makers everywhere, we can reflect on the past eight years with Obama and Biden and finally have a well-deserved laugh.

Here are 15 of the funniest Biden-Obama memes about Trump.

1. Classic

2. RUMP 2016

3. No (Ice Cream) For You

4. Mocking Those Birther Conspiracies

5. Give Him A Bottomless Inbox

6. Two Knuckle Sandwiches

7. Perp Walk Playlist

8. Duck, And Cover

9. What's The Password?

10. Mr. Doubtfire

11. Take Me With You

12. On Confronting Homophobia

13. He DGAF

14. Prank Caller

15. On Preventing Nuclear War

I’ll miss you two.