John Legend Laughs Off His Twitter Hack

by Mathew Jedeikin
Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Reminding the world why we're all in love with them, singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen reacted to Legend's Twitter hack in the best possible way — by laughing it off and vowing to "be funnier" as a result. Oh, and instead of just changing their passwords and not saying anything on the subject, Teigen even shared a funny screenshot to Twitter, so that we could all laugh along.

Now, I'm not sure if Legend's hacking is in any way related to the Cloudflare bug that exposed the passwords and account details of users from popular sites and apps like OKCupid, Uber, and Fitbit, but Legend's Twitter hack should be a reminder to all of us that it's good to regularly change your password. Normal people and celebs alike, we've all got to be careful with our personal information these days.

During the incident on Friday, Legend's hacker posted numerous profane, since-deleted tweets that referenced President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, drugs, and the singer's anatomy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. After removing the hacked posts, Legend called them "vulgar and kinda hilarious," and then said he'd "try to be funnier from now on," you know, so that hackers don't need to feel the need to ghost tweet for him. Talk about finding the silver lining in a bad situation.

Teigen went ahead and posted a screen grab of a direct message she was sent showing what Legend's hacked Twitter bio looked like.

Legend then responded by making a joke about the hacker's inconsistency:

OMG, there's nothing worse than a confusing assessment of your "endowment," huh? Again, at least he's finding humor in an otherwise unfortunate situation.

But things shifted toward the serious too: When it comes to President Trump, Legend clarified that he would never threaten violence against the president, as the hacker may have done.

He also made another important (but humorous) clarification — that he would never compare the president to Cheetos, because he actually likes Cheetos. This whole incident was quite a rollercoaster.

Obviously hacking isn't OK, but it sure is good to see Legend and Teigen could find a way to laugh about it. And now that everything has been cleared up, the couple can get back to focusing on the Oscars. Legend is confirmed to perform at the ceremony, and it's likely that Teigen will also attend. Here's to laughing off the small stuff and focusing on the bigger stuff.