John Oliver Uncovered Some Facts From Rudy Giuliani's Past That Might Weird You Out

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver/HBO

On the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver slammed Rudy Giuliani for always being "this way," revealing some strange facts about Giuliani's past to shed some light on his current behavior. Giuliani has recently made headlines after taking on the task of serving as President Donald Trump's lawyer — and making some controversial remarks in the process.

Oliver began by asserting that his segment on Giuliani represented a continuation of his show's feature called "Stupid Watergate." Oliver has previously described the notion of "Stupid Watergate" as "a potential scandal with all the intrigue of [the] Watergate [scandal], except everyone involved is really bad at everything."

Oliver then noted how, despite just joining Trump's legal team, Giuliani has seemingly already made several significant gaffes. Indeed, during an interview on Fox News, Giuliani revealed that President Trump had repaid a $130,000 payment Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels — a reimbursement Cohen has previously denied happened. As Oliver further described, in recent media appearances, Giuliani also contradicted the official reason why Trump's administration said it fired former FBI Director James Comey. Moreover, Giuliani announced that American hostages were being freed from North Korea — even though this has not yet occurred.

As Oliver pointed out, many people have been surprised by Giuliani's gaffe-laden media appearances, having known him as a steadying and reasoned presence while he served as mayor of New York during 9/11. However, as Oliver asserted, "Nothing [has happened to Rudy Giuliani] ... he's always been this way." Oliver then proceeded to share some surprising facts about Giuliani's past to highlight his point, saying, "to truly understand Giuliani, you have to go back before 9/11."

Oliver noted that Giuliani first entered the public eye when he was a federal prosecutor in New York. Giuliani eventually decided to run for mayor of New York City, a decision which Oliver described as risky considering Giuliani's own campaign team had noted that it believed that Giuliani had a "weirdness factor" to overcome.

Namely, this weirdness factor consisted of Giuliani's first marriage to his second cousin. As Oliver commented, "That's right, America's mayor was a 'cuz-nuzzler.'" Oliver then mocked Giuliani for claiming he didn't know that his first wife was his second cousin until after the couple had been married for many years, saying, "Oh, bullsh*t, he didn't think it was just a little weird at the wedding ceremony when one side of the church was both families and the other was just one very nervous photographer who didn't take a single picture?"

Oliver then proceeded to highlight Giuliani's abrasive behavior as mayor to back up how he's "always been this way." To illustrate his point, Oliver played a clip of Giuliani taking calls from constituents during a weekly radio show. During one particular call, Giuliani berated a man who had a concern about New York City's ban on owning ferrets as pets. During the call, Giuliani personally attacked the man for his affinity for the animal, saying:

There's something deranged about you. ... The excessive concern you have for ferrets is something you should examine with a therapist. ... This excessive concern with little weasels is a sickness.

Oliver seemed both aghast at and amused by the phone call, noting, "That's right, that's the mayor of New York actively choosing to insult a New Yorker whose only crime was being a fan of ferrets."

The late-night host then proceeded to take Giuliani to task for a host of other past actions, including the harsh "stop and frisk" policies he implemented as mayor and his failed presidential campaign.

Oliver then wrapped up his segment by noting that, especially in light of Giuliani's past, he thinks it makes sense that the former NYC mayor is now serving as Trump's lawyer. As Oliver put it:

When you look at all of this in total, you realize that Giuliani's role as Trump's lawyer isn't an aberration. Everything in his life has led to this point. And while he may well be providing terrible legal representation for Trump, he's actually the most honest representation of him in general. Because, think about it, they're basically two versions of the same person. They’re both New Yorkers coasting on their reputations, they’ve both had three marriages, neither of them can shut up in front of a camera...

It's safe to say that Oliver thinks that Giuliani's past sheds some important light on his current job as Trump's lawyer — and could also provide some insight as to how he will continue to approach his role as the president's legal representative.