Watch John Oliver Take On The French Election

On this Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver tackled the French election, imploring French voters to carefully consider their choices in the upcoming Presidential race. In fact, the election could say a lot about the future of Europe, in general.

Oliver dedicated the main segment of his show to discussing the importance of the country's upcoming presidential election. He noted that the French election could possibly dictate "the future of Europe" as several presidential candidates, including front runner Marine Le Pen, could support France exiting the European Union. As Oliver points out, a French exit from the E.U., coupled with Britain's "Brexit," could be disastrous for the future of a unified Europe. Indeed, in news clips played during his show, several experts indicated that the French election "defines Europe's fate," and, "if France is out of the E.U., then it is the end of the E.U. and the end of the Eurozone."

Oliver explained that the upcoming French presidential election takes place in two rounds. The first round will occur on April 23, where all 11 presidential candidates will compete for votes. A second "runoff" round will occur on May 7 between the top two candidates from the previous round (as long as one candidate does not secure over 50 percent of the votes in the first round). Oliver noted that, of the 11 French presidential candidates, four seem to have a realistic chance of making it to the second round: Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, Francois Fillon, and Jean-Luc Melenchon. Oliver is particularly concerned about the controversial populist candidate, Marine Le Pen, whom he fears could wreak havoc if elected.

Oliver also compared the upcoming French election, and the possibility for the election of Le Pen, to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, saying it "feels a little like deja-vu." Oliver elaborated on this comparison, saying that, like the U.S. election, the French election involves "a potentially destabilizing populist, campaigning on anti-immigrant rhetoric, who rages against the elites despite having a powerful father and inherited wealth, even though all the experts assure us that there is no way that this [the election of Le Pen] can possibly happen."

Oliver closed his segment on the French election by appealing directly to French voters, speaking to them in French and asking them to carefully consider their choices on election day. He implored French voters not to make the same mistakes that the U.S. and Britain made and begged them to avoid electing Le Pen. Oliver ended Sunday's show by saying he believes France is "our only hope" to avoid a continued wave of populism that could threaten the continued existence of the E.U. and could hamper global prosperity and stability.

Images: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver/ HBO