John Paul Jones' Instagram Shows The 'Bachelorette' Star Isn't As Outrageous As He Seems

ABC/Ed Herrera

In case you missed it during Hannah's first episode of The Bachelorette, John Paul Jones is one contestant who's already made a bit of a name for himself. Literally. His limo entrance was a bit abrupt and weird — "My name is John Paul Jones. You can call me John Paul Jones" is not exactly the most charming way to introduce yourself to the woman you hope to fall in love with. But hey! Being on TV can be awkward and intimidating, so maybe he was just feeling the nerves. After all, John Paul Jones' Instagram suggests there might be a deeper side to him than the brief glimpse we've seen.

Even before night one, JPJ was one to watch. During a live video, Bachelorette host Chris Harrison said that JPJ is a "way of life" and a full-on "mood." Harrison doesn't seem like he's easy to win over — he's seen a lot on this show — so that's a pretty good sign. Still, it was somewhat surprising when Hannah called JPJ's name for the last rose of the night, especially when other eligible bachelors who seemed much more her speed were sent home (looking at you, Old Matt Donald).

If JPJ is going to stick around, though, we might as well learn more about him. His Instagram is newly public, and though it only has 22 posts, most of which are kind of old, it still sheds some more insight onto the man, the myth, and the legend that is John Paul Jones.

He Might Be An Actor

Though his ABC bio lists him as a financial analyst, JPJ's Instagram suggests he's dabbled in acting. There are multiple photos that seem to be taken from theater performances.

He Likes To Fish

This is a pretty impressive sunset shot, not gonna lie.

And Spend Time In Nature

There are plenty of photos of fields, lakes, and other landscapes on John Paul Jones' Instagram feed, so he must have grown up around some pretty beautiful settings. His ABC bio says he's from Maryland, which checks out.

Family Is Important To Him

Another staple of his feed: siblings, parents, and other people who look like they're family members. He's definitely not skimping on time with them, and Hannah will have plenty of people to meet if JPJ makes it all the way to hometown dates.

He Knows How To Stand Out In A Crowd

This looks like a Jay Gatsby pose if we've ever seen one. Let's hope that's the only parallel his life draws to the novel...

He's A Fan Of Toga Parties

Best not to ask any questions about this one.

He Enjoys The Finer Things In Life

It definitely looks like JPJ has expensive taste, and his bio does say his favorite drink is champagne. Will he be cooking for the house? Or at least for Hannah? Who knows.

John Paul Jones admittedly seems like a little bit of an outrageous character, and it's unclear if someone as easygoing as Hannah will be into his whole schtick. But apparently he'll be on our screens at least a few more times, so maybe he'll surprise us all.