Johnny Galecki Will Officially Return To The 'Roseanne' Revival, But There Might Be A Catch

by Amy Roberts
CBS Television Distribution

Leave some space on the couch for David, because Johnny Galecki is returning to Roseanne. On Friday, Whitney Cummings, the executive producer of the Roseanne revival, announced his return in an Instagram story showing the actor's named chair on the set of the show. In August, ABC confirmed that talks were "still in progress," to have Galecki reprise his role on the show, and, though fans have long assumed that the actor would be a part of the new season, this is the first official confirmation that he definitely is. At this point. however, it's unknown how big a role Galecki may play in the new season. And unfortunately, there's a possibility that David might not be as prominent a character as fans may like.

Galecki is joining returning cast members Roseanne Barr, Laurie Metcalf, John Goodman, and Sara Gilbert (who played Darlene, the on-and-off girlfriend, and eventual wife, of Galecki's David Healy) for the nine-episode season due to premiere in 2018. But, with The Big Bang Theory currently airing its 11th season and confirmed to be continuing forward to a 12th one, Galecki is likely tied up with his duties as Leonard Hofstadter. And, as if that wasn't enough, the actor is also leading a second CBS comedy called By The Book.

In short, he's a busy man. Possibly too busy to give us multiple scenes showing him and Darlene shooting some affectionate banter back and forth between them. Who doesn't want to see that happen across all nine episodes?

On the one hand, fans shouldn't be too worried about whether Galecki's busy schedule could impact on his role in the Roseanne revival. Though David is a main part of the family dynamic of the show, he isn't as central a character as someone like Goodman's Dan. If we get to enjoy an update on David and Darlene's marriage, their respective lives as parents, and see at least one scene with Dan sharing a reluctant beer with David on the couch, then we can all rest happy. All of those things could realistically be achieved without too much commitment from Galecki.

On the other hand, it'll be disappointing if we only get to enjoy a brief handful of scenes involving David because of Galecki's schedule. We only need to look back at last year, for instance, at the disappointment of Gilmore Girls fans because of the lack of scenes starring Jess Mariano in the show's Netflix revival. The four-part series was filming around the same time as actor Milo Ventimiglia was reportedly starting work on the NBC drama This Is Us. If Galecki has a busy shooting schedule, then David could potentially be as briefly seen in the Roseanne revival as Jess was in A Year in the Life.

According a fan site, The Big Bang Theory is reportedly filming the final episodes of Season 11 up until the end of January. If true, that means that if, as Cummings' Instagram post suggests, Galecki is also filming his Roseanne scenes now, his schedule must be pretty stacked already. Fans would obviously prefer any scenes starring the actor as opposed to no scenes, but we may as well get used to the prospect of him not having a big role now before it has a chance to become a reality.

This is, of course, all just speculation at this point. There's still every chance in that we might get to enjoy the delights of David frowning away in one of his plaid shirts for the majority of the new season. But, whether or not that turns out to be the case, it'll just be nice to hang out with the extended Connor family once again.