Jon & Arya's Reunion On 'Game Of Thrones' Was Everything You Hoped For

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 ahead! The Stark family has been through so much on Game of Thrones, far more than they ever deserved. At least, in the final season of the HBO series, the remaining members of Ned Stark's family are together again. That means that yes, Jon Snow and Arya Stark reunited on Game Of Thrones — and while not everything went as expected, it was still gratifying for fans to see.

The last time Jon saw his little half-sister (well, really they're cousins, but whatever) was the pilot episode. Seriously! It has really been that long since Jon and Arya were together. Jon had some near misses with Bran and Rickon being just out of reach, and Arya always seemed to catch up to her family members just after they'd been murdered — but the two of them have been on completely different paths since day one. In that pilot episode, we saw that Arya and Jon had a special bond as outsiders in the Stark family. Little did they know, Arya's resemblance in spirit to Jon's mother (and Arya's aunt) Lyanna Stark probably had something to do with that.

Thankfully, after all this waiting, Game of Thrones didn't tease out this big reunion that much longer. At least, not too much. In the Season 8 premiere, Jon arrives at Winterfell with Daenerys. As you may remember from Season 7, without consulting the ladies of his house, Jon bent the knee and pledged House Stark to the Targaryen cause. Not cool, bro/cousin! Luckily for us, Arya is only slightly cautious about Jon's new loyalty.

When they did reunite, under the Weirwood tree, it was complicated — but still full of hugs. Those hoping for a recreation of this moment from the pilot were not disappointed:

Arya sees Jon (and Gendry, but who's counting) arrive at Winterfell together, but dashes off. She chose to greet him at the Weirwood tree rather than with her family, and doesn't attend the meeting of houses. Jon wishes that he had Arya as an ally in that briefing, considering how skeptical Sansa was about his new Queen and her enormous entourage, but to his surprise his little sister (for all intents and purposes) is fully in support of Sansa Stark. She's loyal to her family, and tells Jon that he hopes that he remembers to be too.

Unbeknownst to her, House Targaryen is also Jon's family. But while Sansa doesn't quite trust Daenerys yet, Arya seems a bit more open to her — especially because of her dragons. They also, like, compare swords and stuff. It's very cute. When all is said and done, Arya and Jon love each other more than any argument. What's important is that they're together again.

As Sansa says to Arya at the end of Season 7, "the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." Hopefully the fact that the Stark pack is together and fighting against the Night King as one means their chances for survival are stronger than ever before.