Jon Snow's Fur Cape Is From IKEA

Courtesy of HBO

When you think of the King of the North, you probably think of his man bun, his face, his hopeful future in the course of Game of Thrones, and perhaps Jon Snow's fur cape, too. As it turns out, Snow's iconic accessory is actually from an incredibly unexpected place.

According to Cosmopolitan, those ultra-warm fur capes are actually IKEA rugs. That's right. Jon Snow is starting a faux fur revolution — as soon as he's defeated the Night's King that is. Michelle Clapton, returning costume designer from seasons one through five of Game of Thrones, gave a lecture in Los Angeles about crafting the costumes for the show. In it, she explains that the fur the men in the North wear aren't fur at all, they're IKEA rugs.

She went on to explain that they don't just slap the rugs onto the back of the Night's Watch members, however. There's a process of wearing down the rugs to look worn in, which is called breakdown. The rugs are also cut and shaved and fashioned into capes using leather straps. Clearly, these are not the IKEA rugs you find on the floor of your best friend's studio apartment.

While Jon Snow's robes may have been upgraded to reflect his status as King in the North, people are fascinated that he took on an army of wights in IKEA chic.

Need a Halloween costume idea? Night's Watchman in an IKEA cape.

You now have something in common with Jon Snow.

It's making some GOT fans LOL.

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