Jonathan Bennett Literally Can't Stop Talking About 'Mean Girls' On 'Big Brother'

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you didn't know Jonathan Bennett was in Mean Girls, you certainly will now, because he can't stop making Mean Girls references on Celebrity Big Brother. In fact, he made so many that fellow houseguest Tom Green started joking about how Bennett can't shut up about the movie. It doesn't hurt that Mean Girls' star Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina, is also on Big Brother. It's basically a North Shore High School reunion.

You've gotta love how much Bennett embraces the movie. It came out way back in 2004 and yet it's still the biggest thing he's known for — but he has a total sense of humor about being recognized for a role he had over a decade ago. Bennett even made a cameo as his character, Aaron Samuels, in Ariana Grande's recent Mean Girls-themed "Thank U, Next" music video. This man gets the meme, and he's in on it.

So, when he arrived in the Celebrity Big Brother house, he was ready to go with the Mean Girls references and one-liners. In the first episode he lamented that he was made to wear a pink costume for the HoH competition on a Monday. "We wear pink on Wednesdays," he jokingly scoffed to the camera. He also joked about houseguests needing to get on his good side or they "can't sit with us!"

Bennett's social media team made the same joke on Twitter. It clearly never gets old for him.

But Episode 2 proved that the Mean Girls references were only just beginning. The next reference came when Bennett talked to Ryan Lochte about the numbers they needed to secure a vote. He joked that like his character tutors Lohan's Cady in the movie, now "Aaron Samuels is trying to teach the Olympic swimmer how to do math. Great. This is going to go well. It's very Mean Girls."

We've only seen a handful of the references on the live broadcast, but Bennett must be talking about it even more in person. In his Diary Room commentary about the HoH competition, Green said, "Watching Jonathan soar through the air reminds me of the movie Mean Girls because he never stops talking about the movie Mean Girls."

In all fairness, Bennett has done other things in the last 15 years. He was in a delightfully cheesy Christmas movie called Christmas Crush, danced on Dancing With The Stars, and appeared in a TV series called Math Bites — which is still very Aaron Samuels of him. Oh, and he was the host of Cupcake Wars and Cake Wars. And while most people know him from Mean Girls, one Twitter user pointed out that Bennett's buddy Lochte only ever talks about his cupcake days.

Anyway, even though Green may be a little peeved that Bennett keeps name-dropping his most famous role, the fans are loving it. After all, Mean Girls is iconic, and it's fun to see one of the stars still so supportive of it today.

Good thing the next Celebrity Big Brother episode is on a Wednesday. Time to bust out the pink.