Jonathan Van Ness Is Essie’s First Male Ambassador & You NEED To See His Mani

Courtesy of Essie

There doesn't seem to be a lot that Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness can't do. From making you love yourself a bit more through your Netflix binging to discussing seriously important issues on his Getting Curious podcast, Van Ness' skills run the gamut. Now, Jonathan Van Ness is Essie's first male ambassador, and it's just another feather in his boundary-breaking cap.

Van Ness has teamed up with Essie in honor of Pride month with the brand explaining in a press release that the partnership represents the joy of self-expression and inclusivity. If you're a fan of the Queer Eye star and follow him on Instagram (which you should for his coffee dances alone), you'll know that he frequently shows off his manicures in his Instagram stories. It's no surprise that he and Essie has partnered together for Pride.

The brand and Van Ness came together to create a special manicure just for Pride that includes 7 existing rainbow colors from the brand. Van Ness' Essie mani is a new take on rainbow nails for the celebrity and awareness-raising month and features more pastel-based shades than the vibrant primary colors of the classic Pride flag colors. All 7 colors were worked together into a gorgeous mosaic pattern created by Essie’s Global Lead Educator Rita Remark, and you have to see it.

Courtesy of Essie

Of the partnership and manicure, Remark says, "Some of my favorite nail designs happen when you mix two styles together. For example, this look features elements of an abstract painting and marble design. We wanted the colors of the rainbow, rather than be painted in a typical arc, to energetically splash across each nail for a playful, artistic result. Bold nail designs like this are ideal when polishing just three or four nails. On all ten nails it may seem overwhelming, but on just a few, it’s the perfect balance."

Van Ness took to his Instagram on June 6 to announce his partnership with the brand explaining that nail polish has always been a method of self-expression for him. "I’m so honored to announce I’ve teamed up with @essie as their first non-female ambassador in celebration of Pride!" he wrote in the post, "For me, polish has always been a form of self-expression. Right now that means this mosaic rainbow mani moment. Wearing it proud!"

Of course, Essie, Remark, and JVN aren't going to leave you hanging when it comes to creating this mosaic rainbow look for yourself. The brand has created a how-to guide (as well as all of the exact polishes and tools used) on their site so you can get Van Ness's exact look at home.

If you've always loved nail polish and the way it allows you to express yourself, you and Van Ness certainly seem to have something in common. Now, you can get his Essie mani and celebrate the Queer Eye's star role as the brand's first male ambassador. As for your own personal mani, head to the brand's how-to guide and get a look that's Jonathan Van Ness and Essie approved.