'Queer Eye' Fans Can See Jonathan Van Ness Record His Podcast Live

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the vivacious hair expert on Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness was a constant delight. But after blazing through all eight episodes of the Netflix reboot, many fans were left wanting more. Well, get excited, New Yorkers — because you can watch Van Ness record an episode of his podcast, Getting Curious, live and in-person.

On April 16, New York magazine announced the star-studded line-up for their annual Vulture Festival. Now in its fifth year, the "pop culture event extravaganza" hosts a whole slew of big-name entertainers over the course of a weekend. And this year the Queer Eye star will be doing a live taping of his newest podcast on May 20. Tickets for the weekend go on sale starting April 18 at vulturefestival.com.

When he's not busy creating "Can you believe?" moments with the rest of the Fab Five gang, Van Ness hosts Getting Curious"a weekly exploration of all the things [Van Ness] is curious about," according to the show's website. The 31-year-old has covered everything from personal style to psychedelic drugs to gun control to the Middle East, and he's joined in each episode by an expert in the topic's given field.

Van Ness has also interviewed all kinds of stars for his show, like Lizzo, Margaret Cho, Queer Eye co-host Antoni Porowski, and Mary Winters — Van Ness' mother, and the person responsible for bringing such a treasure of a human into all of our lives.

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Tickets for Van Ness' appearance at Vulture Festival start out a mere $20 — a small price to pay to see his long, luscious locks live and in-person. You might want to go ahead and set like, 10 different reminders, because with more than 757,000 followers on Instagram and another 168,000 followers on Twitter, fans in the New York-area will undoubtedly be scrambling for a chance to be blessed by Van Ness' effervescent presence.

While there's no mention of what topic Van Ness will cover for his Vulture Festival episode, he could just talk about the weather for an hour and it'd probably be pretty entertaining. One topic that pretty much everyone would love to see him discuss is how he's able to perfectly recreate Beyoncé's choreography — it's seriously impressive and the world needs to know his secrets.

In addition to appearing on Queer Eye, hosting Getting Curious, and slaying some Queen B choreography, Van Ness also hosts a second podcast that is hilariously titled Gay of Thrones. The "Funny or Die" series puts a unique spin on Game of Thrones recaps, and has a whole seven seasons of Van Ness' side-splitting commentary on the HBO drama.

Clearly, fans that aren't able to catch Van Ness at Vulture Festival will have plenty of material to hold them over until Netflix drops Queer Eye's second season. The show was officially renewed on March 26, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and while they've yet to announce an actual release date, it's supposed to hit screens at some point in 2018.

In an interview with Variety, Bobby Berk — Queer Eye's interior design guru — said that the next batch of episodes have already been filmed, and that fans can expect to see an even wider range of makeover subjects.

"One of the things I’m most excited about for the new season is the continuation of diversity, even more so than the last season," Berk told Variety. "Without giving anything away, with our heroes, you're going to be seeing a lot more different people than you did the first time."

Van Ness — along with the rest of the Queer Eye cast — is truly a treasure, and his Vulture Festival appearance will undoubtedly be memorable. You can get tickets for the event starting on April 18, and you can stream all episodes of the first season of Queer Eye on Netflix now.