Jordan's 10 Best Quotes From 'The Bachelorette' Are The Perfect 'Zoolander' Homage

ABC/Paul Hebert

Only four episodes into the latest installment of the Bachelorette franchise, any devoted viewer could likely fill a book with contestant Jordan's memorable lines. The male model definitely isn't lacking confidence. This season's best quotes from Jordan on The Bachelorette prove that even if he might not seem like the type to make it all the way to the end of the road with Becca, he's still one of the most entertaining things about this season.

Jordan can seem like an outrageous character at first glance, and he's gotten on the nerves of some of the other guys in the house. But the fun of watching Jordan comes from the fact that ultimately, he seems to be harmless, and he's also one of the only reasons there have been any laughs this season. Between his trolling of the other contestants and the fact that he's willingly run around the mansion in his underwear, it's kind of amazing to see how much he throws everyone off their games.

Viewers are already deeming Jordan a fan favorite. "This season would have been very boring without Jordan," wrote one Reddit user, Lois_and_the_love. Another user, okmissthing12, said, "He's my favorite. Not in like I want him to win favorite, but just my favorite. He makes me laugh every episode and I'll miss him when he gets eliminated."

Won't we all? But no matter when Jordan's time on the show comes to an end, fans can take comfort in how many words of wisdom he's already dished out.