OMG, Josh From 'The Holiday Calendar' Was On Your Fave Teen Reality Show

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So that's where you'd seen him before. Sean "Diddy" Combs' stepson Quincy Brown, AKA Josh in The Holiday Calendar, was on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 in 2008, and, to be honest, it's the gift that will keep on giving. (In the episode, he refused to call it "sweet," however, opting for the much cooler-sounding "Stunna Sweet 16.") That's right, before he starred opposite Kat Graham in the Christmas-themed Netflix rom-com, which debuted on Friday, Nov. 2, Quincy was one of those teens living large on MTV. (The full episode is available here via MTV Asia.)

"That was like my first ever time being on TV," Quincy — now 27 years old — recalled during a 2017 episode of MTV's TRL. "[It was] crazy, at first. I didn't know really what I was signing up for. Everybody wanted to do the parties because they saw it. I mean, by the time I turned 16, I thought it was going to be over."

Lucky for Quincy, My Super Sweet 16 was far from over, and he got the chance to turn up in true Diddy style with an over-the-top fete at The Velvet Room in Atlanta. "Man, you Diddy's son. Anything can happen, baby," the rap mogul told him at the top of Season 7's premiere episode. He wasn't kidding. As described in MTV's official episode description:

"Quincy Brown is a native of Atlanta currently residing in California. He also happens to be Kim Porter's son and Sean Comb's stepson. He claims to be a regular kid, but as Diddy's son, Quincy knows he has to throw a "stunna" sixteenth birthday party with a bunch of hot performers, an awesome Atlanta venue and body-painted ladies walking around. Quincy even takes a trip to New York to get styled for his party, courtesy of Diddy's platinum card."

The actor, who also plays Derek in Fox's musical drama series Star, admitted during his TRL appearance that it wasn't exactly all fun and games, however: "All these hours went in, I was like ... for a birthday, I'm trying to chill."

Among his party planning duties: auditioning dancers for a contest at his birthday bash where the winner received a grand prize of $5,000. That's not to say, however, that he didn't also get some pampering — and a rack of Sean John apparel, natch — between shopping trips, including one to Cartier where he selected an $800-plus pair of sunglasses, and taking flight on Diddy's private jet.

Although the son Diddy raised with his ex, actress and model Kim Porter (Quincy's biological father is music producer Al B. Sure!) really seemed to have it all, there was one thing he lacked pre-party: a date. Not to worry, though, after Quincy tried to find someone online, his stepdad eventually had him covered, setting him up with Sean John model Lauren London, with whom he arrived at his fete arm in arm. (That was only after some teasing by his family, of course.)

As expected, the party was a star-studded affair. Diddy kicked off the event, which was attended by Chris Brown, by playing a video of personal birthday wishes from Soulja Boy, Lil' Wayne, Ciara and, yes, his "uncle" JAY-Z. Later, several artists, including Bow Wow and Omarion, hit the stage to put on a mini concert for the packed house.

And what would a 16th birthday — or My Super Sweet 16, in general — be without a new set of wheels? When you're Diddy's son, however, apparently you don't get just one, but two new vehicles (one for Atlanta and one for L.A., of course). In this case, the then-teen was gifted both a Range Rover and a white Cadillac convertible.

Ironically enough, Quincy later used a car analogy to describe what he's learned from Diddy over the years. "The biggest lesson my father has taught me is to really not focus on that 'No," he told People in 2017. "That 'No' actually is your gas to your car that's supposed to fuel you into fighting through."

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Now when you watch The Holiday Calendar as many times as possible until December 25 (and beyond), you'll probably see Josh in a whole new light.