June 2018 Strawberry Moon Spiritual Meanings Will Inspire You To Take Charge

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The moon is approaching its full phase for June, and you're probably ~feeling~ it. Even if we don't morph into full-blown werewolf the moment the first full moon beam hits the fround, astrology suggests that the completion of a lunar cycle might just influence our emotions and actions. But each full moon brings its own, unique vibe with it. And these June Strawberry Moon spiritual meanings will have us Earthlings re-thinking where we throw our energy.

The sky will be a glow with the Strawberry Moon on Jun. 28. at 12:53 a.m. EST, according to Time and Date. Unfortunately it will not be fruit-shaped or illuminate the world with a Instagrammable shade of millennial pink, but, it will shine light onto the status of our spirits. Generally, June's full moon is named after the strawberry because now is traditionally the time to harvest the juicy fruit. But if we're getting spiritual with it, it's so much more than a time to collect berries.

The June Strawberry Moon is happening in Capricorn. The hard-working sign of the zodiac. We'll all be veiled with Capricorn's determined energy as the full moon rises in this sign. Which we'll need, because instead of the universe tossing us a bone, it'll be tossing us some challenges. So, take a few deep breathes, queue up your go-to meditation, whip out your journal and embrace the spiritual significance shining down.