This Week’s Strawberry Moon Will Inspire All Zodiac Signs To Take Charge

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The moon is approaching its full phase for June, and you're probably ~feeling~ it. Even if we don't morph into full-blown werewolf the moment the first full moon beam hits the fround, astrology suggests that the completion of a lunar cycle might just influence our emotions and actions. But each full moon brings its own, unique vibe with it. And these June Strawberry Moon spiritual meanings will have us Earthlings re-thinking where we throw our energy.

The sky will be a glow with the Strawberry Moon on Jun. 28. at 12:53 a.m. EST, according to Time and Date. Unfortunately it will not be fruit-shaped or illuminate the world with a Instagrammable shade of millennial pink, but, it will shine light onto the status of our spirits. Generally, June's full moon is named after the strawberry because now is traditionally the time to harvest the juicy fruit. But if we're getting spiritual with it, it's so much more than a time to collect berries.

The June Strawberry Moon is happening in Capricorn. The hard-working sign of the zodiac. We'll all be veiled with Capricorn's determined energy as the full moon rises in this sign. Which we'll need, because instead of the universe tossing us a bone, it'll be tossing us some challenges. So, take a few deep breathes, queue up your go-to meditation, whip out your journal and embrace the spiritual significance shining down.

Get Rid Of What You Don't Need

This mid-year moon is sort of like a flashlight. It'll shine itself on what we don't need in our lives anymore. Full moons are a completion of a cycle. And that can illuminate the completion of certain things that have run their course in your life too. You might have already concluded your spring cleaning, but use the light from this Strawberry Moon — literally — to crack down on what you really don't need as you move forward into the rest of the year.

Re-Route Your Energy

There's no denying that full moons come crashing in with a wave of energy. But you don't have to get swamped by it — ride it! Forever Conscious notes that, "grounded, stable, and hard working are key words for this Full Moon" thanks to Capricorn's influence. Focus your energy on this. Check in with yourself. Are you feeling grounded? The Universe will be tossing us some lessons to learn and they might be tough. But if we can tap into this grounded, stable, determined energy in the spirit of Capricorn, we can pretty much maintain our balance through any Universal curve ball. Turn up some pump-up jams if it helps!

Take Charge

This is your movie montage moment. Where you make the decision to stay determined and become motivated to conquer the presented challenges. Cafe Astrology offers a reality check wth the Strawberry Moon. According to the astrology site, "we can't ignore our commitments to the outside world as much as we're enjoying and appreciating home or family life. We are reminded to take care of our responsibilities, tend to business, act maturely, and take charge." Even though the bed might look like the coziest cocoon in the morning, work awaits.

June's Strawberry Moon will keep us determined and finding our strength even if times get tough. No butterfly got to spread its colorful wings by staying tucked in their cocoon all day.

Trust Yourself

With all of this heavy energy of "universal lessons" and "hard work" surrounding this full moon, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Don't let it get you down! Working through difficult times makes us stronger than any drink you think you might need. This moon will ask you to trust the strength of your spirit.

Forever Conscious encourages, "we are also reminded that we can achieve anything, and we can get through anything. We just need to trust in ourselves, and trust in our ability to succeed." We can ease our maybe anxious hearts that "everything has a solution" and "everything has an ending." June's Strawberry Moon will start us down a lit path towards the finish line. And Capricorns hard working energy will inspire us to stay motivated so that we can reach the pay off.

You got this.