Here's What June Has In Store For Cancer Zodiac Signs

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June 2020 Horoscope For Cancer

June is going to be all about you speaking your truth, Cancer. With Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, in your house of self, now will be the time that you’re able to tell the world who you are. You’re going to find that it’s easier to express yourself, and the North Node of fate in your house of dreams and hidden desires will encourage you to talk through your deep introspection. Considering that Mercury rules the house of your subconscious, it’s likely that when Venus Retrograde conjuncts the Sun on June 3, that you’ll have dreams regarding your home and community life. Make sure you keep a journal, pen, and amethyst by your bed for the first week of June — you’ll be learning a lot about yourself.

What June 2020 Has In Store For Cancer’s Relationships

Now is the time to dive within, Cancer, especially with Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, within your house of hidden desires. Perhaps you’re in desperate need of “wild-out” and losing your mind a little with someone. With Saturn, the ruler of your house of relationships, retrograde within your house of intimacy and shared resources in Aquarius, take note of what you’ve been saying you need from a relationship. It’s time to re-evaluate the close relationships that surround you, and perhaps not everyone is going to fit in with your grand plan. Give yourself enough time during these retrogrades to figure out who your “ride-or-die” people are.

Tarot Card of the Month For Cancer

Strength: All good things are accompanied by difficulties, so take on the challenge.