Here's What June Has In Store For Capricorn Zodiac Signs

by Astrologer Six
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June 2020 Horoscope For Capricorn

Sometimes we have to make the decision to stop being our own worst enemy, and the North Node of fate is encouraging you to release ways that you’ve held onto subconscious fears. Sometimes we get too consumed by the person we think we are supposed to become. You’ve made great strides in maturing and developing yourself into a person you can be proud of, but ensure that you actually respect who you’re turning into, Capricorn. With Pluto, the planet of transformation, Jupiter the planet of expansion, and Saturn, the planet of boundaries all retrograde, reflect on the progress you’ve made.. With Saturn retrograde within Aquarius in your house of values, this is the time for you to take a careful audit of your possessions and values. It’s possible that you’re holding onto old ideas and outdated perspectives, but try not to beat yourself up over it. If through self-reflection you discover cracks in your reflection, it’s important that you remember you’re capable of repairing your image.

What June 2020 Has In Store For Capricorns’ Relationships

June starts off with Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, in the sign Cancer, within your house of close relationships. Expect to engage in a significant amount of sensitive conversations with those closest to you. This can all feel very heavy for you because holding someone’s feelings requires a lot of compassion and patience on your part, but hang in there! You may not see the purpose of these conversations, but as the month progresses and Mercury goes retrograde on June 18, there will be a call that challenges you to consider who you’re transforming yourself into. Be kind and fair to yourself, Capricorn. It’s only human to identify that there might be a few more tweaks that you’ll want to make to yourself. Let your close relationships help bring awareness to your grand plan, and allow for this Mercury retrograde to grant you time for romantic and platonic reflection.

Tarot Card of the Month For Capricorn

The Tower: It’s coming down and it’s taking outdated dreams with it. This is for the better —rebuild.