Here's What June Has In Store For Gemini Zodiac Signs

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June 2020 Horoscope For Gemini

Oh Gemini, there’s a lot of growth in store for you! The past few months may have felt as though the universe has been buckling down to encourage your progress, especially around intimacy. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, retrograde within your house of shared resources, you’re going to spend this month reevaluating what you share with others. You’re beginning to commit to the structure of personal development, and Saturn retrograde in your house of higher learning is giving you the opportunity to slowly transition into a new normal. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, retrograde in your house of self will conjunct the Sun in Gemini on June 3, allowing your authentic truth to shine bright.

What June 2020 Has In Store For Gemini’s Relationships

Jupiter, the ruler of your house of relationships, is making a conjunction with Pluto, the planet of transformation, in Capricorn, within your house of intimacy and shared resources. These transits mean you’ll be able to reap the rewards of the work you’ve been putting forth toward partnership. With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius slowly tightening its conjunction to Jupiter, you’re encouraged to spend June rethinking boundaries and expectations within relationships. Assess what you’re actually committing to — there’s no shame in taking your time to show all of yourself within a relationship. With the South Node of fate within your house of close relationships, it’s time to release maladaptive behaviors and toxic connections.

Tarot Card of the Month For Gemini

The Fool: Allow yourself the benefit of ignorance, and let it be what inspires you to learn.