Here's What June Has In Store For Scorpio Zodiac Signs

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June 2020 Horoscope For Scorpio

You’ve put in a tremendous amount of work in learning from your childhood experiences, Scorpio. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about or even remember your past, which is why it’s so important to take note of memories as they resurface. With Venus retrograde in Gemini within your house of intimacy and shared resources, it’s possible that many of your memories have to do with being vulnerable with others. It’s important for you to think through how you’ve gone about closeness in the past and continue to take note of the underlying motivations behind your sexual and intimate desires. You could experience some hesitations expressing what you want from others, but once it comes out, you’ll be shocked at how much your desires correlate to what you did or didn’t have as a child. Be reasonable with your needs, because not all of them will bring you satisfaction.

What June 2020 Has In Store For Scorpio’s Relationships

With Uranus, the planet of chaos and rebellion, in the sign of Taurus, within your house of close relationships, the future of your connections is in your hands. While Uranus will take you on a ride, it’s also encouraging you to release your truest intentions and relationship expectations to the world. You’re deserving of a secure and comfortable relationship that meets your needs and also reminds you that you’re safe. While some trust is required on your end, Venus, the ruler of your house of close relationships, is in Gemini within your house of intimacy. Express exactly what you want in relationships, because keeping up connections that don’t satisfy you is how you fool yourself.

Tarot Card Of The Month For Scorpio

The Sun: You’re coming into the light and your questions are being answered; accept the truth.