Here's What June Has In Store For Taurus Zodiac Signs

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June 2020 Horoscope For Taurus

It’s time to dig deep and think about what you value this month, Taurus! June starts off with the Sun and Venus retrograde in Gemini, loosely conjunct within your house of possessions and values. The Sun is casting a signal, and Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, is cycling backward to answer its call. On June 3, expect your past to haunt you if you haven’t paid attention to what it has revealed to you. The moon in the secretive and mysterious sign of Scorpio will light up your house of close relationships. Scorpio moon will make an opposition to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and chaos, within Taurus, releasing any suppressed feelings or emotions that you’ve been ignoring. You can’t be stubborn all the time, Taurus. This month is going to be all about reflecting on your close relationships.

What June 2020 Has In Store For Taurean’s Relationships

June could be a rather difficult month, but try to sit tight. The ruler of your house of close relationships, Mars, the planet of passion and libido, is transiting through your house of aspirations and community in Pisces. The first week of June could feel extremely sluggish and possibly confusing, especially when Mars conjuncts the moon and Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, on June 13. This could mean you'll miscommunicate your emotions. Move slowly, Taurus, and don’t lose sight of your sensuality just because things aren’t going your way. Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, will be in Cancer for all of June, bringing a heightened need for sentimentality and nurturance within conversations.

Tarot Card of the Month For Taurus

Temperance: Life is filled with gives and takes, and you can’t take unless you’re willing to give.