All Of Your Burning Questions About That Shocking 'Handmaid's Tale' Finale Answered

Jasper Savage/Hulu

Spoilers ahead for The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 finale. June's eyes have been staring straight ahead for three seasons on The Handmaid's Tale, full of anger, ire, and determination. At the end of the Season 3 finale, however, they did something different. Those ominous eyes closed after suffering from a gunshot, raising some questions about whether June dies on the Handmaid's Tale or not.

June may be dead. There's no getting around it. After she led a guerilla attack against the guardians and held a man at gunpoint, June is found on the ground by her fellow handmaids. She's been shot and is obviously badly injured. As the others carry her to safety and her eyes close, Mazzy Star's "Into Dust" plays, and June's voiceover quotes a Bible passage from the story of Moses:

"And the Lord said, 'I have seen my people in bondage, and I have heard their cry. I know their sorrows and I am come to deliver them from the hand of evil men and to lead my people out of that sorrowful place to a land flowing with milk and honey.'"

Moses was a prophet, not a martyr, but there is a sense of finality to this moment. The Hulu series has been renewed for Season 4, but how can The Handmaid's Tale go on without June?

Let's break down that and these other questions that have now popped up in light of that emotional finale.

Where Are They Taking June?

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Maybe June is still hanging on, and she closed her eyes because she finally accomplished something meaningful against Gilead. Maybe it's just an "I can rest now" thing. If that is the case, we need to know where those six Handmaids are taking her, STAT. Are any of them able to help heal June's injuries? Surely one of the Handmaids or Marthas was a doctor or nurse before Gilead. If not, maybe they can convince the man from Episode 9 who knew June's mother to help with either medical assistance or equipment.

Even so, in what world are all of the conspirators involved in smuggling those kids out not immediately caught and hung? It's not going to be easy for any of them to survive this. All we know now is that they're taking June out of the woods — literally, if not metaphorically.

Where Is Nick?

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This isn't the most pressing question, especially since Hannah is also missing, but it remains important. After a lot of talk about the Chicago Front, Nick just disappeared into the war. Is he a spy? Has he been secretly evil this whole time? We need answers in Season 4!

Who Would Be The Hero If June Dies?

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June's death has been foreshadowed and foretold several times this season. She's gotten away with way too much, and her luck was going to run out eventually. Even June's recorded message to Luke gave him enough closure that it feels like they may never see each other again. So, even though June is the protagonist of The Handmaid's Tale, it wouldn't be that surprising if she dies. We were warned.

After June the show could easily follow Janine in Gilead, especially now that she is helping out the resistance. Janine could finish what June started. There's also Beth and Sienna, Commander Lawrence's Marthas, who could lead the narrative in Gilead. The series could also switch its primary focus to Canada and center on those characters, especially after what happened to Serena Joy in the Season 3 finale.

Does Serena Need June's Testimony?

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Theory: what if June lives, and is taken to Canada for Serena's trial? In the finale, Serena is arrested for forcing Nick and June to conceive Nichole. She claims it was not a rape because Nick and June were in a relationship — but according to Mark Tuello and the law it is, because of the power dynamic at play. Legally, June was unable to give consent as she was Serena's slave at the time. If June is alive, she may very well be subpoenaed as a witness. That would be an unexpected way for her to get out of Gilead at last.

All of this depends, of course, on whether or not June survived the finale. For all we know, Season 4 could start with a time jump and follow a host of new characters dealing with June's legacy. That's the important thing about the finale at the end of it all. June matters. What she believes in matters. What she's doing, despite the consequences, has mattered all along. No matter what happens on The Handmaid's Tale next and if June is even there to see it, we have that.