The Biebs' Super Bowl Glasses Have Fans Going Nuts

For his latest Big Game spot, Justin Bieber, "Celebration Expert," was a perfectly executed mix of dapper and dorky. In Bieber's T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial, which marked his return to Instagram after about six months in exile, the singer wore a black tux and a massive bowtie with matching extra-large and extra-nerdy glasses. It was quite the accessory and was as much of a topic of Twitter conversation as his dance moves. Several people compared him to Mr. Six, the cute old guy/dancin' fool from the Six Flags commercials circa 2004 and 2005.

The Biebs, who also rocked close-cropped, super blond locks, was having a good time in the commercial, while rocking his Sunday best. He was accompanied by Rob Gronkowski of The New England Patriots and former NFL-er Terrell Owens.

The Twitterverse was abuzz with adoration and curiosity about The Biebs' spectacles. I personally loved how the singer and sometime model mixed all-dressed-up with geeky. His copious tattoos weren't on display, thanks to his tux, further burying his bad boy image.

First, let's watch The Biebs rock out and nerd out for T-Mobile and the Super Bowl audience by viewing the commercial below. It's fun, goofy, and cute, just like The Biebs' style.

Then, we can all have a hearty laugh at what Twitter and Beliebers on Twitter had to say about the accessories and inspo.

That was the commercial. Here are the reactions.

And cute!

Some people just crush glasses. Da Biebs is one of those people.

A winning combo, indeed.

Yes, yes he is.

The love was flowing on Twitter.

OK, so not everyone loved the specs.

I am feeling more love than hate for the specs.

LOLZ! You'll shoot your eye out!

The Biebs' Super Bowl commercial glasses are really conjuring up nostalgia for some.

Was the Six Flags dude the source of inspo? It's not unlikely.

Fans have theories on The Bieb's Big Game ad inspo. And I'm into it.

Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram (1)