Justin Bieber's New 'Purpose' Tour Collection Is Even Better Than The Last — PHOTOS

If you've got Bieber Fever, I've got some great news for you. Justin Bieber created more tour merch, and it's even better than his previous collections. You can once again deck yourself out in head-to-toe clothing with the singers face and name plastered in unusual places. Although only eight of the Purpose The Stadium Tour collection designs have been shown so far, the first look proves that this collection is sure to be another bestseller.

It's been a big year for celebrity-made apparel. Heck, it's been a big year for Bieber tour merch alone. On top of his clothing lines at PacSun, H&M, and his own website, the singer has created another collection for the last leg of his tour. Named Purpose The Stadium Tour, the line includes eight pieces of graphic tees, shorts, and sweatpants so far. The designs are completely different from all of his other collections and will be available to purchase on the Purpose Tour website on May 31.

The collection focuses on a dirt bike theme. There are shirts with the singer riding a bike, "team Bieber" slogans printed on others, and even motocross styled shorts and sweatpants. Who knows, maybe after the tour is done, he'll become a racer. Regardless of his future plans, these clothing items are trendy and a great way to support the singer.


The line might still gives off major street-style vibes, but that's about the only thing that's the same as the previous collections. If there's a place for Bieber's name to be splattered, it's there. I'm talking arm decals, double-sided designs, and even on the front of shorts.


Like Bieber's other collections, you'll be able to buy the pieces even if you're not at the concert. The items, along with the full collection that launches on June 3, will range from $40 to $100 per item. The singer is also having three pop-up shops starting June 2 at Storm Copenhagen, Storm Aarhus + ANSH46 Rotterdam in Europe, where the full collections will be sold.


With four clothing collections launched during his tour, this could just be a world record for tour merch. The brand didn't say what time the merch will be released, but you can sign up on the Purpose Tour website to be the first to know. Because something tells me that this collection will sell fast.