Justin Timberlake's Oscars Dancers Are So Ready

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Academy Awards are finally here, and it sounds like one of the most anticipated performances is going to kickoff the show. Justin Timberlake, who is nominated for Best Original Song for "Can't Stop The Feeling!" from Trolls, is said to be performing early on, and it looks like he's more than ready. Timberlake posted some tweets of his Oscars dancers, and it looks like an exciting show is coming our way.

Considering "Can't Stop The Feeling!" is a dance-y and uplifting song from a children's movie — that literally has an exclamation point in the title — it's not too surprising that this performance isn't going to be just Timberlake standing at a mic alone. The song makes you "dance, dance, dance," after all, and these backup dancers are ready to do just that.

First, Timberlake posted a photo of the band that will be accompanying him and dancers jumping up in the air. Then, he posted a quick video clip of five men pop-and-locking — something the singer knows quite a lot about himself from this *NSYNC days. Do these hints mean that the singer will be bringing back some of his old moves? Here's hoping! If you ask me, what the Oscars need more of is early aughts-style choreographed dancing to pop music.

Come on, JT. Don't disappoint us. The Academy Awards are ripe for a boy band throwback.