Justin Timberlake's "Supplies" Music Video Gets Political AF & Fans Have Questions

Justin Timberlake VEVO / Youtube

On January 18, Justin Timberlake dropped a new single and a music video — and they are a lot. The new Timberlake song is called "Supplies", and its accompanying video features Pharrell and actor Eiza Gonzalez in addition to Timberlake. The music video appears to take place in a science fiction-esque, post-apocalyptic society, which fits in with lyrics like "We'll be livin' in The Walking Dead." The "Supplies" video is also political, taking on news from the last year; it opens with a distressed Timberlake watching a wall of news clips, and at one point features Gonzalez wearing a t-shirt with the message "This P*ssy Grabs Back."

While the "Supplies" video seems to suggest Gonzalez is being worshipped as a queen in one scenario, in numerous others it shows Timberlake removing her from potentially dangerous situations. It also shows her driving a speeding car with Timberlake hanging outside of it, which could be a reference to the actor's role in 2017's Baby Driver. (She did not play the driver in the Edgar Wright film, but she did rock some incredible coats.)

So, is the video for "Supplies" meant to show Justin Timberlake newly becoming woke? Is it meant to interrogate what exactly people mean by "the future is female", or worship? Is the Illuminati symbolism supposed to be capitalism? What's with the children emerging from sand? Basically, there's a lot to unpack here, and the internet is mixed on how well it was all done.

1. What About That Album Title?

The Man of the Woods title and initial video really has fans confused now that singles are coming out that seem to have nothing to do with that.

2. This Fan Has All The Feels

This moment from the music video was definitely a powerful image.

3. This Fan Found Deep Meaning

That's a lot of symbolism in that video.

4. One Fan Went All In

The song, the video, and the message all resonate for this JT stan.

5. This Fan Had Just One Word For The "Supplies" Video

All they said was "Wow," which isn't necessarily an award. When accompanied by a .gif of Timberlake clapping, though, it's obvious that this fan is feeling the new single.

6. This Fan Really Wants To Pick Up What Timberlake Is Putting Down

Please let Perplexed Justin become a new meme.

7. One Person Has It All Figured Out

Well, that's certainly a take.

8. "The Medicine I Didn't Know I Needed"

This fan called "Supplies" the "jammiest of jams", which is a pretty cute way to describe a song you like. But is "Supplies" really a jam?

9. 'On The Left, Justin Timberlake, On The Right, Blade Runner 2049...

This eagle-eyed fan caught at least one overt reference in the "Supplies" video.

10. One Fan Had A Fair Question

Was his whole "I'm A Lumberjack"-themed album rollout a misdirection, perhaps?

11. This Person Questioned The Meaning Of "Supplies"

It's unlikely that the future of Branded Content is in full-length Justin Timberlake music videos. On the other hand, though, he does have a family to support...

12. One Twitter User Was Extremely Upset By It

This person was ready to report the video for lack of coherence, which is an amazing burn. "Not making sense to me personally" is probably not something that YouTube will remove videos for, but the effort is appreciated.

13. A Fan Has Their Work Cut Out For Them Today

Take all the time you need.

14. One Person Ignored The Politics & Went Straight For The Pop Culture

OK, of all the things Timberlake is probably referencing with "Supplies", it's unlikely a Dave Chappelle character is among them.

15. This Person Is Confused That "Supplies" Is Not A Parody

One Twitter user felt that Timberlake is attempting to capitalize on the current socio-political climate with "Supplies", going as far as comparing it to the tone-deaf "Equal Rights" music video from The Lonely Island satire film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

It's fascinating to watch a music video, especially from someone as universally adored as Timberlake, split fans down the middle this way. While many adore his politically-charged video, just as many are confused, dismayed, and disoriented by the messaging in "Supplies". To be fair, he is trying to cram as much as possible into the four-minute track. What does this mean for the rest of the album rollout? Who knows? But it will be interesting to keep watching for sure.