Kaitlyn & Jason Confirmed Their Relationship, So 'Bachelor' Fans Can Finally Rejoice

by Marenah Dobin
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's not exactly breaking news that Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe have been dating. They've teased the Bachelor fandom with photos, videos, and podcast soundbites for the past month. Even so, they never made it officially official — until now, at least. Jason and Kaitlyn confirmed their relationship during a Jan. 30 appearance on Today.

During the interview, Jason was asked about his relationship status and The Bachelorette alum confirmed, "It has changed." Then, he got a little more specific and remarked, "Yeah, that’s true. [It’s] Kaitlyn Bristowe." Then, the camera panned to Kaitlyn, who admitted, "I mean, I was going to use my podcast to break the news, but I guess The Today Show beat me to it."

That would've actually been a very fitting move since Jason originally asked Kaitlyn out during the taping of her Jan. 8 episode of her Off the Vine podcast. Nevertheless, no one really cares where exactly Kaitlyn and Jason confirmed their relationship — as long as it happened.

Jason also shared that the two of them have been together for "about a month or so." Fans probably already knew that, but it's super exciting that they're finally admitting the news. Now, they don't have to keep interpreting quotes and photos, or continuing to speculate.

Before sharing the official relationship news, Tartick admitted that he was "very thankful" that he did not become the Bachelor during a Jan. 21 interview on Good Morning America. He even said, "[If I was the Bachelor] I wouldn’t have met someone very special to me right now — Kaitlyn." Of course, he didn't use the word "girlfriend" or mention anything official that interview, but he did keep the fans intrigued.

Just the week before, Kaitlyn discussed the interest in their interaction during the Jan. 15 episode of her Off the Vine podcast. She asked, "Why are we talking like me and him are dating?" Because the Bachelor fandom is just that dedicated. Plus, they have been sharing lots of photos and videos of their hangouts. Their fans just cannot help being curious.

Kaitlyn said, "You guys keep trying to slip the Jason talk in here and I'm like 'It's about time to wrap it up.'" That's the last thing everyone else wants. Kaitlyn had Big Brother alums Jessica Graf and Elena Davies on her podcast, but they ended up turning the interview around on her instead.

ABC/Paul Hebert

Elena said what everyone was thinking: "You are [dating] and we want to hear the confirmation." In response, Kaitlyn insisted, "There is no confirmation." However, she did confirm two interesting factoids. She said, "I have slept on his fart pillow" before confirming that his preferred hair gel brand is göt2b. Very girlfriend-esque information to share, right?

During that same podcast, Kaitlyn admitted, "Of course, there’s some sort of feelings going on there." She tried to switch to a different conversation topic by asking, "How about if I just keep you guys posted?" And now they have, just two weeks later there's a new official couple in Bachelor nation.

Hopefully, this appeases their super-curious fans. But let's be honest, now that they've answered this one question, it just opens the floodgates for even more questions about their relationship.