Kaitlyn Bristowe Just Addressed THOSE Rumors About Whether Or Not She & Jason Are Dating

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor franchise viewers have their watchful eyes on Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick after their date last weekend. Now, there are so many questions about these Bachelor alums. But, there's one question, that's top of mind for the fandom. Are they a couple? Unfortunately for their fans, Kaitlyn Bristowe's comments on the Jason Tartick rumors did not confirm or deny a relationship with him, but did give further insight on how close they've become.

The former Bachelorette lead addressed the elephant in the room during the Jan. 15 episode of her Off the Vine podcast. She wondered, "Why are we talking like me and him are dating?" Well, it might be because they posted pictures and videos together on their (very) public Instagram accounts all weekend.

How did this come up? Kaitlyn told her podcast guests Jessica Graf and Elena Davies, from Big Brother 19, "I actually find it hot when guys fart in front of me." Of course, both Elena and Jessica let out a "What!?"

Then, Elena hit Kaitlyn with a followup question on her own podcast: "Has Jason farted in front of you?" Kaitlyn answered a question with a question: "You guys keep trying to slip the Jason talk in here and I'm like 'It's about time to wrap it up.'" Again, both Kaitlyn and Jason posted pictures and videos on Instagram for three days straight. Of course, Jason is going to be a hot topic of confirmation.

Kaitlyn remarked, "I have slept on his fart pillow." Oh.

Later in the episode, Elena hit her with some straight talk: "You are [dating] and we want to hear the confirmation." Even so, Kaitlyn insisted, "There is no confirmation." However, she did confirm one thing: Jason's preferred hair gel brand: göt2b, just in case anyone was curious.

Elena continued to question the podcast host. She asked Kaitlyn, "Do you have feelings for him?" The Bachelor fan favorite admitted on the podcast, "Of course, there’s some sort of feelings going on there." Then, Kaitlyn remarked, "I love how this interview has been turned around on me."

Kaitlyn tried to switch conversation topics on the podcast by asking "How about if I just keep you guys posted?" That wasn't enough for Jessica and Elena though. Later, Kaitlyn told them, "I think my main thing I’ll say is we’ll just have to see what happens. Stay tuned."

And then, there was some serendipitous timing when Jason called Kaitlyn during the podcast. Jessica declared "I love his name in your phone." Ummm, what is Jason's name in Kaitlyn's phone!?

Kaitlyn answered the call and warned Jason, "Don't say anything. You're on the podcast." Then they just made some small talk about Buffalo, but that timing was just too good. If only Elena and Jessica asked Jason about his non-relationshop/relationship with Kaitlyn. Now, people will be even more intrigued by their situation. Gotta leave the fans wanting more, right?

Hopefully Kaitlyn and Jason confirm a relationship during a future episode of Off the Vine. That would be a very fitting move since Jason originally asked Kaitlyn out during the taping of her Jan. 8 episode.

Now, fans will be even more diligent checking their Instagram posts (and stories) and listening to her podcast. The Bachelor fandom just wants answers, not that we are entitled, but when two fan favorites get together, curiosity is bound to be high.