'Big Brother' Lost One Of The Season's Most Entertaining Houseguests

Monty Brinton/CBS

Kaitlyn has been one of the most unpredictable houseguests in Big Brother history, but even those without a third eye could divine that her time in the house wouldn't last forever. Kaitlyn has been evicted from the Big Brother house and while the household be a lot more calm in her absence, it may also be much less interesting. Her shocking exit was made even more dramatic by the "Bonus Life" power app, which gave Kaitlyn the opportunity to compete for the right to stay in the house. Alas, despite the "Bonus Life," Kaitlyn's involvement in Big Brother 20 has come to an unfortunate end.

Kaitlyn's shot at returning to the house was only one of the unique elements of her eviction. The eviction vote was the first of the season was the first to have overwhelming majority vote for eviction, with nine houseguests voting to evict and only one — JC — voting for Kaitlyn to stay. The first three evictions of the season were decided by only a few votes, but the entire house seemed to agree that Kaitlyn was not beneficial to their Big Brother game. The majority vote made Kaitlyn's fight to stay in the house in the "Bonus Life" competition even more tense, as she was fighting to re-enter a house that almost unanimously voted to evict her.

Kaitlyn's "Bonus Life" competition left her with two and a half minutes to solve a puzzle to try and win her way back into the game. After disassembling a model of herself and stuffing it through a glass house, Kaitlyn attempted to reassemble herself as the clock ticked down to zero. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to properly assembly the puzzle. Although the "Bonus Life" gave Kaitlyn a second chance, her intuition was not strong enough to solve the puzzle. It's not common that a reality show goes so hard on metaphor, but there's something poetic about Kaitlyn being evicted after not being able to solve the ultimate puzzle: herself.

While the house seemed sad to watch Kaitlyn leave after losing the competition, it's hard to image the house won't be a lot more tame in her absence. Kaitlyn played a major hand in the evictions of Steve and Swaggy C, and frequently turned on her FOUTTE alliance. Even the person who seemed to have mastered the art of manipulating Kaitlyn, Tyler, saw the writing on the wall and voted to send Kaitlyn out the door. The only person who didn't vote to evict Kaitlyn was JC, who, ironically, had spent the days leading up to the eviction trying to encourage them to evict Kaitlyn.

Of course, with a more tame house comes a house that is far less fun to watch. Kaitlyn's unpredictable nature personified the Big Brother slogan of "Expect the Unexpected" better than nearly any houseguest in recent history. While a predictable house is great for those competing, the audience will likely miss the shake-ups and drama that Kaitlyn brought to day-to-day Big Brother life.