Kandi & Phaedra's Feud Continues On 'RHOA'

by Kayla Hawkins
Mark Hill/Bravo

The plastic surgeon's office is a weird location for a Housewives meetup, especially once Cynthia starts getting her breast implants examined with a camera crew in the room. But even more awkwardly, Kandi confesses to the ladies that she and Phaedra are on the rocks, and while Phaedra's Southern belle act is enough to keep things "cute and cordial," the greeting between the former BFFs was incredibly uncomfortable. And it got far less cute when Phaedra suggested Kandi is having an affair with Shamea, a friend of Porsha's who met up with her and Shereé earlier in the episode (they did a vagina-focused workout class; this show is running out of ideas for get-togethers).

Despite allegedly being tight with Shamea, Porsha had nothing to add when Phaedra dropped this accusation. But Kandi wasn't so silent — even though she missed the lunch meeting where the rumor was dropped, she took to Twitter to deny the rumor and confirm that this accusation was totally baseless (while, it must be noted, also standing by her accusation of Phaedra's infidelity). And given how quickly she responded, it seems that this might come up in future episodes, because it seems Kandi knew what was coming.

Also somewhat relevant, Shamea is engaged, and it doesn't seem like she's on the market for a hookup right now. However, she didn't feel the need to speak up after the episode — it remains to be seen which side of the friend divide she falls on as the season continues, Kandi or Porsha.

And Kandi also added a brand new accusation of her own — alleging that Shamea spoke on camera years ago about Phaedra "being inappropriate" with her ex, much in the same way Shamea spoke about her during this episode. Now, given that this supposedly happened in Porsha's first season of RHOA, Phaedra would have been married at the time — and that would be some pretty surprising footage to see resurface.

Overall, this former pair of friends seems determined to not just terminate their sisterly bond for good, but also expose every secret they may have told one another, and, at least according to Kandi, even making up new stories. This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has gotten particularly brutal between the two.