Kandi Deflects Porsha's Accusations On 'RHOA'

by Kayla Hawkins
Mark Hill/Bravo

Kandi is persuaded to invite Phaedra, who, of course, invites Porsha as her plus-one. And predictably, Kandi & Porsha fight again, though this time, it's at least not about whether or not being a lesbian is a terrible thing (it's not, no matter what the last few RHOA episodes would suggest). This time, it's about the accuracy of what Porsha's accused, not the content. At this point, Kandi is actually getting emotional over the constant back and forth, and by the end of the argument, she was literally screaming and in tears. But the fight almost didn't get started, if not for Shereé, the Bone Collector, she who must carry her skeletons because she has no closet to store them in, gets things started once again by asking Porsha why she decided to start all of this.

At first, everyone else sits quietly as Kandi and Porsha go back and forth about who's lying again. But then, things escalated. On Instagram, Kadi explained why she got so upset. The caption to her promotional picture for the episode read, "Tonight's episode of RHOA is very intense. Some people go too far with the lies. Now you will see why I got so angry in the preview clip." She's referencing the accusation that Porsha made, completely not backed up or with any proof offered, that Kandi and Todd "tried to drug" Porsha and Shamea in order to have sex with them.

That is indeed a very serious accusation... and one that isn't really treated seriously, even by Porsha seconds after she says it. Because in a different part of the episode, Porsha admitted that she "might" have attempted to hook up with Kandi after all and even said "blame the Henny!" joking about getting too drunk to remember if she'd propositioned anyone that night. Those contradictions suggest that she's searching for something controversial to say, not that Porsha has any evidence of Kandi and Todd doing anything of the sort.

It was amusing to see Kandi printed out copies of her text exchanges, which suggests that either she had them in her carry-on, or she went to the hotel's business center in order to enlarge the conversation until it took up a whole page. It's true, as Porsha's hashtag claims, that this "proves nothing." But Porsha has also offered no proof for her claims. All I can think is that somehow this rivalry has already gotten old.