Phaedra Joins Kandi's Employee's Lawsuit On 'RHOA'

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Somehow, Phaedra Parks has been the secret mastermind of this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but avoiding any of the blame. She's the one who started the whole Kandi rumor train, who sowed discord between Kenya and the rest of the group by pretending that they were pals again, and then iced out the divorce party. But that's all topped when Phaedra decides to provide a televised platform for a lawsuit against Kandi Burruss that is, reportedly, actually real. Yep, it may have seemed like a one-off scene to badmouth her former BFF again, but when Phaedra took a meeting with a former Kandi Burruss employee earlier this season, that turned out to be an ongoing issue.

Of course, Pheadra claims that she has no problem with Kandi, and it's just a coincidence that Johnnie Winston, a former Kandi Koated Entertainment assistant came to her for legal advice about suing Kandi for stealing his intellectual property. According to Bossip, the actual suit filed by Winston was over Kandi allegedly not paying overtime for Winston's work on her wedding, among other events he worked while an assistant. There's no mention of the Old Lady Gang restaurant concept or the A Mother's Love play that Winston brought up during his consultation with Phaedra's fellow esquire.

According to Winston's court documents, obtained by Radar Online, Kandi expected her employees to be available "seven days a week for 10 to 12 hours a day" but only paid them for a normal five day a week schedule. He also alleges that he was expected to work 20 hours a day when he received a promotion.

Winston clashed with Kandi earlier this season, when he was upset that she decided to fire him because of his "side businesses" taking up too much of his attention, but it's far more interesting that once again, Phaedra is the one stoking the flames of conflict between them. The season should be finally winding down and heading towards a reunion, where it will be interesting to see if Pheadra's chickens finally come home to roost.