Kanye West's Apology To Drake Could Signal The End Of Their Ongoing Feud

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After a heated summer of beef between their crews, Kanye West apologized to Drake, signaling that the feud between G.O.O.D. Music and OVO Sound may officially be over. West took to Twitter on Wednesday, Sept. 5 to make amends with the Toronto-born rapper through a series of tweets following reignited drama stemming from a diss track released by G.O.O.D. Music president and rapper Pusha-T earlier this year. Drake has not publicly responded to the apology at press time; Bustle reached out to Drake's reps for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

Although West never directly inserted himself into the volley of insults between the dueling rappers, there were other factors which made him part of the narrative, including his involvement as the sole producer of Pusha's album, Daytona and his connection to Kid Cudi, who Drake also dissed back in 2016.

Despite his past entanglement with the situation, West appears to be ready to put an end to the drama once and for all, sharing an open apology which began with a screenshot of Drake's current tour stage along with a caption which read:

"Sending good energy and love to Drake and family and crew. I haven't seen the show in person but the images look incredible online. I understand where the confusion started."

West, who had in past interviews admitted that Drake was unhappy over the handling of the “Lift Yourself” beat which he reportedly requested to use before West released it in April, continued his social media mea culpa by saying:

"Let me start by apologizing for stepping on your release date in the first place … We were building a bond and working on music together including squashing the issues with Cudi at our office."

He went on to share,

"because we spoke about doing Lift Yourself together I should have given you the opportunity for us to do this together before I released"

While the angst between the crews may seem newly-minted, their beef is something that has been brewing for several years. Billboard reported that it dates back as far as the early to mid 2000s with Pusha sending thinly veiled shots Young Money boss, Lil Wayne, and later Drake, according to MissInfo.Tv

Prior to Summer 2018, the seesaw of exchanges between Push and Drake were more spaced out and subliminal, allowing West to remain neutral as he worked with both artists over the years. However, the release of "Infrared" on May 25, ignited the beef to new heights when Pusha questioned Drake's ability to write his own lyrics. The "God's Plan" rapper quickly fired back at the claims on "Duppy Freestyle," dragging West into the conversation by indicating that he had written several songs for the Yeezy designer in the past. Drake requested payment from Pusha and West for the publicity they received from his involvement in the beef. Things were further escalated when Pusha dropped "The Story of Adidon," claiming, amongst others things, that Drake secretly fathered a child with an adult film star.

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After feeling that the rap battle was getting out of hand, West and Rap-A-Lot Records CEO, J. Prince (one of Drake's mentors) joined forces to call a cease-fire in the highly publicized feud. During that time, West also declared that the beef was over, tweeting:

"I’ve never been about beef. I’m about love... lines were crossed and it’s not good for anyone... so this is dead now"

Drake would ultimately take the high road in the war of words, choosing not to directly address Pusha and West on his Scorpion album, which was released on June 29. Although, there were fan-based rumors circulating that "Ki Ki" from Drake's "In My Feelings" song may have been a reference to West's wife Kim Kardashian-West. However, Kardashian-West was quick to squash that chatter on Tuesday, Sept. 4, commenting on an Instagram post surrounding theory: "Never happened. End of story."

While he didn't mention the recent rumors about his wife being the subject of Drake's hit song, West's Twitter apology to Drake addressed many other topics which have had fans in frenzy this past summer, including Pusha's comments about Drake's alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller. West continued,

"since we were building as friends and brothers I should have spoken to Pusha about the Quentin Miller bar. There should have been no songs with my involvement that had any negative energy towards you"

He also cleared up rumors that he had anything to do with Pusha's revelation about Drake's child, tweeting:

" I did not have any conversations about your child with Pusha. I don’t play with the idea of people’s children after I spoke to Wiz a few years earlier."

Proving that he's still team G.O.O.D. Music, West shared his love for his labelmate Pusha-T while revealing that all parties involved have a mutual respect for one another. He wrote,

"I understand Pusha’s issues as a man if someone mentions your fiancé men go mask off. I’ve done the same myself at times. I love you and I love Pusha and we all have an admiration for each other’s craft."

Putting a final end to the biggest hip-hop feud in recent years, West shared that he intends to visit Drake during one of his upcoming tour dates and added:

"This is all Jedi level. I will be coming to your show within the next seven days to give love and be inspired by the art you have created."

This season was certainly another Cruel Summer for G.O.O.D. Music and OVO Sound. However, it seems that West's recent apology has arrived as a much-needed factor to help cool things off in the rap rivalry.