Kanye West Just Announced He Has TWO New Albums Coming Out Sooner Than You Think

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kanye West has made plenty of revelations since his return to Twitter, but this is the biggest one yet. On Thursday, April 19, Kanye West announced two new albums: A seven-track album to be released on June 1 and another album, a collaboration with Kid Cudi as the group Kids See Ghost, to be released on June 8. Kanye didn't reveal any additional details about the forthcoming albums, including what his solo album will be titled.

Based on Kanye's four tweets, it sounds like Kids See Ghost is both the name of his new group with Kid Cudi, as well as the album title of their collaboration. As Pitchfork pointed out, Kanye applied to trademark "Kids See Ghost" in November, so the name shouldn't come as a total shock to dedicated fans. The outlet also notes that Kanye and Kid Cudi have a history of working together, too. Kid Cudi's first two albums were released through Kanye's record label, G.O.O.D. Music, Pitchfork noted. And Kid Cudi has contributed to multiple Kanye albums, too. It sounds like the two of them have a great working relationship and wanted to take it to the next level by forming a new group together.

As far as Kanye's upcoming solo album goes, fans don't know many details about it yet, other than the fact that it will include seven songs and will be released on the first day of June. The two upcoming albums will be Kanye's first albums since he released The Life of Pablo in 2016.

Kanye may have also teased the releases for G.O.O.D. artists Teyana Taylor (on June 22) and Pusha T (on May 25), or perhaps he might be indicating that his collaborations with them will be released on those dates. It's not quite clear from Kanye's tweets, which just indicate the artist and the date.

Since his recent return to Twitter, Kanye has also hinted that he's writing a book. Well, sort of. The rapper tweeted that his tweets are the "book that I'm writing in real time." It's not clear if he means that he plans to self-publish his tweets in a printed book format, or if he sees his Twitter feed as a book of its own.

Kanye also wrote in his tweet that "no publisher or publicist" will be behind the book and that it's "not a financial opportunity for him." What it actually is, though, is still unclear. But with the book situation and his two upcoming albums, Kanye has definitely been busy during his time away from social media.

And while there aren't a ton of details about Kanye's new albums available yet, fans are already reacting to the news. People were quick to respond to Kanye's tweets with GIFs and words of praise — the news that he has new music on the way is a treat for fans.

Some people are happy that Kanye and Kid Cudi are teaming up for an album.

And, naturally, some fans are just impressed that Kanye is releasing two albums just a week apart from each other.

And for others, a simple emoji says more than words can. One fan replied to Kanye using the goat emoji, implying that Kanye is the "greatest of all time." Others called Kanye the "GOAT," too.

Some fans are also thinking ahead and planning to save money for the inevitable tour that will follow the albums' release.

Even The Walking Dead's official Twitter account got in on the replies.

Specifics about the two new albums may be scarce, but the news that they're on the way is enough to keep fans happy for the next two months. Hopefully, Kanye will keep revealing more about the albums as the release dates get closer. Until then, fans will have to be content with following the rapper's philosophical Twitter musings in the meantime.