Kanye West's New Song "Lift Yourself" Is Here & Fans Have SO Many Emotions

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The wait is over for new Kanye West music. On Friday, April 27, Kanye West just dropped his new single "Lift Yourself" on his website KanyeWest.com. The rapper tweeted a link to his website, where there's just an sound wave icon image and text that reads "'Lift Yourself' Master." When you click on it, the new Kanye track will stream and it's quite a journey.

"Lift Yourself" is the first new Kanye West song since he released the album Life of Pablo in 2016. The lyrics include:

"It's hard to see the hangups we have
We need to strive for liberty
Lift yourself up on your feet
Let's get it on
Lift yourself up on your feet
Let's get it on"

Those lyrics are repeated several times before the beat drops into a catchy rhythm. Two-thirds of the way through the song, West drops a verse that leaves a lot up to interpretation.

But what they don't really realize
This next verse
This next verse though
These bars
Watch this
Woopitty scoop
Scoop ditty woop
Woopty scoopty poop
Poopty scoopty
Scoopty woop
Woopitty scoop woop poop
Poop ditty woop scoop
Poop, poop
Scoop ditty woop
Woop ditty scoop
Woop ditty scoop poop

After the verse, the song abruptly ends after a few extra beats. No matter what you think of the song, you have to admit that it's all very uniquely Kanye West and it's a single that definitely has fans talking.

Twitter had a lot to say about West's unique verse and his first new track since his releases from Life of Pablo.

Many of West's fans on Twitter expressed excitement about the new track.

Some fans felt like West was trolling his fans.

Some fans are already really into quoting his rap verse and the lyrics.

Other fans weren't quite sure what to make of the rapper's new single and needed some more time to process it.

A couple of fans thought "Lift Yourself" deserved to be a major hit for Kanye.

Several fans were game to analyze West's lyrics and what it means for everyone — even in the form of a podcast.

Earlier in the day on April 27, West announced the song's title on Twitter in a tweet with many flame emojis, but he didn't specify when the song would be dropping at the time.

West reactivated his Twitter account earlier this month and announced two of his new releases: A seven-track album to be released on June 1 and another album, a collaboration with Kid Cudi as the group Kids See Ghost, to be released on June 8. The title of the album is currently unknown.

On April 25, West dropped hints via Twitter that he'll have tracks with musicians Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and ASAP Rocky — and that West wanted to reveal them to the world sooner than later.

West's previous album, Life of Pablo, was released back in 2016 and contained the popular singles "Fade" and "Famous," which were accompanied by very memorable music videos. The album was nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys. "Famous" was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Rap/Sung Performance and the song "Ultralight Beam" was nominated for Best Rap Song. According to Billboard, Life of Pablo may have also been the first mostly-streamed album to go platinum and it reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

And on Friday night, West may have just dropped what just might be the most quotable single of 2018, just in time for the weekend.