Kanye West's Sherbet Hair Is Getting Attention


With a fresh calendar comes style changes like never before, but it looks like one star took the "new year, new me" slogan to a whole new level. According to Cosmopolitan, Kanye West dyed his hair pink and yellow. Yes, you read that right. The rapper is on a roll with his unconventional hair hues lately, and there's no telling what he'll do next.

Remember when West dyed his hair blond? Well, he's adding a few more colors into the mix now too. In a sharp turn of style events, his hair is now a mix of yellow and pink. Some call it rose gold, others call it sherbet. Personally, I think it looks like a mix and match snow cone gone awry. Whatever you want to name it, the look is bright and completely different than anything he's rocked before.

It's no secret that stars love to rock the unconventional looks. Heck, Troian Bellisario just dyed her hair pink too. If that's how you want to express your personal style, the more power to you, in my opinion. That doesn't mean that it doesn't come as a shock though. Here's a look at West's new 'do, so you can take it in for yourself.

Just take a moment to let that sink in. Compared to his recent blond hair, this is a major change. Before her just has a small patch at the top colored yellow. Now it's full-on tie-dye. Here's what it looked like just weeks before.

Considering that this is West's first stunt with the color, this is pretty major. Obviously he's loving the unconventional hues. After all, it never was un-Kanye like to express himself with his style. Until now it was all about fashion, but now he's stepping into the beauty territory too.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Not all fans are as open-minded about the new look though. Here's what Twitter had to say about the new look.

Some people aren't exactly loving it.

According to the emojis, this fan is digging it.

This fan is loving it.

Needless to say, reviews are mixed. That won't stop West from continuing to experiment with his style though.