Kanye West Just Dropped The Song "Ye Vs. The People" & The Lyrics Are Very Political

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Within the past 24 hours, Kanye West has dropped not one, but two new songs. Late on Friday, April 27, West dropped the song "Ye Vs. The People" and "Lift Yourself." Kanye West's "Ye Vs. The People" lyrics give fans more details about his political beliefs, which the rapper has been sharing on Twitter recently.

First, West dropped the single "Lift Yourself" via his own website and tweeted a link to it on Friday night around 8:30 p.m. ET. Fans had a range of responses, from excitement to wondering if the song's "Whoopdity scoop" verse was meant to troll fans. Later that night around 12 a.m. ET, West dropped the single "Ye Vs. The People" via the Los Angeles radio station Power 106, which played the song on repeat for most of the night. The track is also currently available to stream on Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

West's "Ye Vs. The People" lyrics has the rapper discussing President Donald Trump, Former President Barack Obama, and the current state of American politics with fellow rapper T.I. The song starts off with a sample of the Four Tops' 1967 song "7 Rooms Of Gloom."

Oh, oh
I had for us
Turned my dreams into dust
I watch a phone that, I had for us
Turned my dreams into dust

Then, West and T.I. begin their politically charged verses. ( Tip is T.I.'s childhood nickname and friends often call the rapper by that name, according to an interview in Billboard.)

I know Obama was Heaven-sent
But ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President
Yeah you can, at what cost though?
Don't that go against the teachings that Ye taught for?
Yo, Tip, I hear your side and everybody talk, though
But ain't goin' against the grain everything I fought for?

In the song, West makes references to Trump's trademark "Make America Great Again" red hat and slogan.

Bruh, I never ever stopped fightin' for the people
Actually wearin' the hat'll show people that we equal
I feel an obligation to show people new ideas
And if you wanna hear 'em, there go two right here
Make America Great Again had a negative reception
I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction
Added empathy, care and love and affection
And y'all simply questionin' my methods

T.I. presented the counterpoint to West's reasoning.

You wore a dusty ass hat to represent the same views
As white supremacy, man, we expect better from you
All them times you sounded crazy, we defended you, homie
Not just to be let down when we depend on you, homie
That's why it's important to know what direction you're goin' now
Cause everything that you built can be destroyed and torn down

At the end of the song, West leaves it up to the fans to continue their discussion on the topics they brought up.

Alright T.I.P., we could be rappin' about this all day, man, why don't we just cut the beat off and let the people talk?

And fans have definitely been tweeting about "Ye Vs. The People" throughout the night. Many fans were praised his new track.

Some fans expressed that the track cleared up their understanding on West's political beliefs.

A few fans felt that West's new song provided intelligent, balanced discourse about politics.

Twenty-four hours ago, fans had no new Kanye West songs, and now, there are two new tracks from the rapper. And his new music seems to definitely be giving fans a lot to discuss.