Kara Got Fired On 'Supergirl' & Her Personal Journey Is Back To Square One

Kara Danvers may have pushed a spaceship out of the sky, but her week did not exactly end in a personal victory. After pulling an Iris West and writing a blog post rather than publish her findings through the official channels a work, Kara was fired from Catco on Supergirl. Her journey to success as a reporter came to a halt.

Technically, as a public citizen and as Supergirl, Kara did the right thing. Her blog warned aliens and law enforcement that Cadmus had acquired the alien registry list and was rounding up extraterrestrials in order to mass deport them off the planet. It worked, and the families that Cadmus had broken up were reunited, but Kara's day job paid the price. Snapper Carr wasn't wrong — the piece was developed using his company's resources. The fact that Kara is Supergirl and therefore her own source is not great, either, and he doesn't even know that part.

At the end of the episode, Kara decided that for the time being, being Supergirl and having Mon-El in her life was plenty fulfilling. That's a nice thing to say to your boyfriend, but ultimately not the best life plan — that is, if she really is committed to not letting her vigilante duties become a full time job. Is she trying to avoid spending so much time with Alex and Winn? I'm sure that the DEO could give her something to do that doesn't involve wearing a cape.

If she wants to keep renting that gorgeous apartment, she'll have to find something. For Kara, having a secret identity is about more than confusing people with a ponytail and glasses while protecting her loved ones from super-villains. It really is about carving out an identity for herself beyond the abilities that allow her to help others. If she wants to write, she'll find a way to write. This is just a bump in the road, and for a season that has been so much about discovery, it's probabaly not bad that Kara has more work to do.