Kara Returns To CatCo On 'Supergirl'

Diyah Pera/The CW

I've still never missed Cat Grant more in my life, but at least Kara's "fun-employment" didn't last that long. Kara is back at CatCo on Supergirl, and is finally starting to fine tune her reporter instinct. She also somehow impressed Snapper Carr — and while I hate that she had to, it's good for her extra-extraterrestrial career.

Though she was initially just supporting a friend at a tech conference, and then basically posed as a reporter just to annoy her old boss, Kara encounters a whistleblower who gives her a scoop about Jack Spheer and then subsequently dies. Not only does Kara go about her rogue investigation the right way, she also turns over her research to CatCo. Getting the truth out to the masses is more important than being the one to break the story. CatCo has better resources and a more trustworthy brand.

That said, I like that Kara has to go and do some reporting on her own, independent from Carr and CatCo, in order to really get the hang of it. Carr ultimately lets her share the byline too, which is kind... and also the right thing to do. It's the bare minimum. He's still rude. Don't give him too much sympathy and applause. Also, what kind of a name is Snapper Carr? Get out of here with that name, dude. I don't particularly see why Kara is so eager to work with him and/or earn his respect. While she was fired for a good reason, and taking responsibility for your actions is always a smart move, this character doesn't always seem worth it.

To be honest, I also still don't quite understand why Kara can't just take an official job at the DEO like her sister Alex. She's not dealing with a work/life balance, here, it's a work/work balance. At least this episode of Supergirl proves that Kara Danvers does have a knack and a passion for reporting.

Perhaps this journey is more about Kara's personal growth than some need to overwork herself with two full time jobs. Maybe Cat Grant's prediction about Kara was right after all.