Kat Von D Beauty's Handheld Mirrors Are Coming

by Kali Borovic

Kat Von D Beauty has everything from liquid lipsticks to blotting powders and everything in-between. In fact, they have so many beauty products covered that they're moving onto tools instead. According to the Instagram post, Kat Von D Beauty created handheld mirrors. Go ahead and freakout, my friends, because this is incredible news. Ready for he best part? You don't have to wait much longer to add it to your makeup bag.

If you've been following along with Kat Von D Beauty since the beginning, then you're probably familiar with all of their products. But do you remember the ones that they teased but never launched? Well, here's a refresher. Back in January 2017, the brand shared a photo of their (at the time new) Lock-It Setting Powder with a mirror sitting next to it. Fans freaked out over the idea of their very own Kat Von D Beauty mirror, but the item never came out.

Until now, that is. According to the Instagram post, the brand didn't forget about the loved makeup tool, and they're releasing it soon. How soon, you ask? That part is unclear, but hopefully the #comingsoon hashtag does not lie, because this product is seriously stunning.

The mirror is all lack and has the sam stamped-looked KVD seal as the Lock-It Setting and Blotting Powders, according to the Instagram post. It's not exactly clear how big the tool is, since there's nothing else in the photo for a comparison. If I had to guess, I'd say that it's large enough to do your makeup in, but small enough to cary around with you.

While the first look didn't show the front of the mirror, the latest sneak peek does. The star print on the front is similar to the tattoo that Kat Von D has on her face. If that's not the perfect personal touch on her first-ever mirror, then I don't know what is.

While there isn't a price or exact date for the mirror, that doesn't mean that fans aren't excited. Here's are some of their first reactions to the tool.


Never not killing it.

Now that's a true fan.

Don't die before the launch!

Fans are seeing the connection.

Needless to say, these will definitely be another bestselling item.