This First Peek At Kat Von D's Anticipated Metal Highlighter Is Too Good To Be True

by Kali Borovic

If you thought the cheek shine trend was dulling anytime soon, think again. In fact, it about to get a whole lot more brighter. Kat Von D Beauty is gearing up to release her bold and adorably packaged Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter. Let's just say that the first look alone is enough for you to set some money aside.

Kat Von D Beauty loves to play on their existing makeup collection. The brand transformed the matte Shade + Light Palette into a shimmer lover's dream and even created a concealer based off their Lock It Foundation. Now, the sequel continues with their Metal Crush Extreme Highlighters, which, as the name suggests, are based on their already-existing eyeshadows by the same name.

The video starts out with a highlighted hand holding the Metal Crush Highlighter in shade. As the person walks forward into the light, the product goes from looking like a healthy shine to a full-on blinding glow. Seeing as it has the word "extreme" right in the name, this doesn't come as much surprise.

Odds are that you probably have tons of highlighters already in your collection. But do you have any that look this good going from dark to light? I'm going to guess not.

The shade appears glittery without actually having glitter in it, and looks like it will suit a variety of skin tones as well. Unfortunately, it's a secret how many shades are on the way, but this is a pretty incredible start.

The exact launch date is also under wraps. The brand did use the hashtag #comingsoon, so there's hope that these will be able to be added to makeup bags sometime in fall.

While this is the brand's first ever single highlighter, this isn't KVD's first cheek shine formula. In case you don't remember, the brand launched their Alchemist Palette, which was meant to be used for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

The packaging of this single highlighter suggest that this products will be a permanent part of the collection. It's got the classic KVD signature on it and the same, sleek black packaging of the Metal Crush Eyeshadows. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone until the brand says so.

Fingers crossed that there are even more sneak peeks and swatches to come. The brand does a great job of keeping their fans informed, which means you might want to add their Instagram on your favorites list.